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chris christie i know nothing


The corruption that had followed Chris Christie for most of his political career, had been just whispers.

Now it’s just a turd sitting in his road to the White House.

“I didn’t know” translates to lying in politics.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are now free to take the South and Mid West and quite possibly the ‘rust belt’.

Leaving Christie just the Northeast and West.

Not enough to win the nomination.

Christie just gave the Republican Party over to the far right.


A Republican vision for America – ‘Rep. Paul Ryan gives U.S. a ‘failing grade’ in war on poverty’

paul ryan and the poor1

“What we have learned is that this isn’t as much about deprivation. It’s about isolation. And in many ways our strategies have isolated the poor from the rest of society. We need to reinvigorate and reintegrate the poor into our communities,” he said.
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paul ryan and the poor2

‘Paul Ryan’s Budget Cuts Target Veterans and Unemployed’
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paul ryan and the poor

‘Catholic bishops criticize Ryan budget for hurting the poor’
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paul ryan and the poor3

‘Paul Ryan’s Budget: Helping the poor by hurting them’

  • ‘Ryan would cut $770 billion over 10 years from Medicaid and other health programs for the poor.
  • ‘He takes an additional $205 billion from Medicare’.
  • ‘$1.6 trillion from the Obama health-care legislation’.

‘And $1.9 trillion from a category simply labeled “other mandatory.” Pressed to explain this magic asterisk, Ryan allowed that the bulk of those “other mandatory” cuts come from food stamps’,


‘federal employee pensions’

‘and support for farmers’.

‘Taken together, Ryan would cut spending on such programs by $5.3 trillion, much of which currently goes to the have-nots. He would then give that money to America’s haves: some $4.3 trillion in tax cuts, compared with current policies, according to Citizens for Tax Justice’.
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Republican’s Lie – The Early Start on the 2016 Edition – ‘Christie Says, “I Am Not a Bully.” Here Are 8 Videos of Him Yelling, Name-Calling, and Belittling People’

chris christie

‘Governor Christie Responds To Teacher During Town Hall’

‘Chris Christie Smacks Down Reporter’

‘NJ Governor Goes Off On Constituent’

‘Chris Christie Tells White House Doctor to Shut Up About His Weight’

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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Harry Reid Knocks Out the GOP By Announcing Paid for UI Benefits Extension Plan’


republicans cut unemployment2

‘The latest lame excuse for Republican opposition reveals how much Harry Reid has boxed the Republicans in. One by one, Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats are taking away the Republican reasons for opposing extending unemployment benefits’.

‘Senate Republicans are scrambling after Majority Leader Harry Reid announced a paid for Democratic plan to extend unemployment benefits through November 2014’.

‘Reid said that the nearly year long extension met the Republicans conditions for supporting a bill’.

  • ‘Democrats would pay for the extension by extending the sequester’s mandatory savings for one year’.
  • ‘The proposal also cracks down on people who receive both unemployment benefits and disability’.

‘Sen. Reid pointed out on the Senate floor that Democrats are waiting for the Republican plan, but the GOP has offered nothing. Reid said, “I wish we could have done it until the first of the year. We can’t find enough money. I have been waiting here for more than 24 hours for a reasonable proposal by my Republican friends to pay for this. We don’t have one yet.”

‘Republicans, already enraged and on the warpath because Reid is not going to allow them to offer amendments on the final bill, came up with the most pathetic reason ever to oppose the Democratic proposal. According to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Republicans are opposing the Democratic proposal because the extension is too long, “We’re very much opposed to that length of extension. There’s room for compromise but a year is just too long.”

‘Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats have come up with a proposed bill that met all of the conditions that Republicans laid out as necessary in order to get their support, but Republicans are now refusing to support it because they don’t want to help the unemployed that much’.
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And Now For Today’s Top Story…Chris Christie Gives Historic News Conference (meanwhile 1.3 million Americans have gone without unemployment benefits for 2 weeks but lets focus on Chris Christie because THAT’S more important!!) – ‘Unemployment Deal Creeps Forward In Senate, As GOP Struggles With Poverty Agenda’

republicans cut unemployment3

‘This fight over unemployment insurance is part of a bigger fight that’s starting to emerge as one of the main issues for the 2014 election. Income inequality, the disappearing middle class and general economic fairness (including raising the minimum wage) will be the issues Democrats focus most heavily on’.

‘The GOP, on the other hand, seems to still be focusing on the ACA. To be sure, though, some Republicans are trying to come up with something. Rand Paul’s poverty agenda, for instance, would create so-called “economic freedom zones.”

  • ‘It would cut federal taxes on both personal and business income in areas with 12% unemployment or higher’.
  • ‘It would also suspend the capital gains tax’.
  • ‘And allow small business to deduct most of what they owe from their taxes’.

‘This isn’t much of a poverty agenda, though, because it still relies on the trickle-down theory’.

  • ‘People won’t buy anybody’s products or services if they don’t have money’.
  • ‘While cutting the federal personal income tax rate will help for people who already have jobs, it won’t help the unemployed’.
  • ‘These other tax cuts won’t put people back to work’.

‘Businesses do not hire if nobody’s buying from them. Instead, they’ll pocket the tax savings. They have no reason to do anything else with it’.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Millionaires’ Club: For First Time, Most Lawmakers are Worth $1 Million-Plus’

wealthy congress


wealthy congress1

Sadly we will never take the money out of our politics.

The very people that benefit the most form money in politics are the same that make the laws.

So to the next generation, when America has fallen into two Nations – the rich/corporations and the poor, keep our Constitution. It is sound. But you need one more amendment.

“Money is not speech. No legislator shall accept any benefit of cash, material or education or employment position while seeking or in office except legislated public funding.”

‘Of 534 current members of Congress, at least 268 had an average net worth of $1 million or more in 2012, according to disclosures filed last year by all members of Congress and candidates’.

‘The median net worth for the 530 current lawmakers who were in Congress as of the May filing deadline was $1,008,767 — an increase from last year when it was $966,000’.

“Despite the fact that polls show how dissatisfied Americans are with Congress overall, there’s been no change in our appetite to elect affluent politicians to represent our concerns in Washington, said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center. “Of course, it’s undeniable that in our electoral system, candidates need access to wealth to run financially viable campaigns, and the most successful fundraisers are politicians who swim in those circles to begin with.”

‘The richest member of Congress was, once again, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Issa, who made his fortune in the car alarm business, had an average net worth of $464 million in 2012. Issa had ruled the roost as the wealthiest lawmaker for several years but was bumped from that perch last year by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas)’.
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A Republican vision for America – Stories from the Fringe – ‘The Homophobic Edition – ‘Truly insane NOM post claims the govt. will soon sue anti-gay Americans’

sue anti gay

‘Now leave it to one of the most disingenuous special interest groups of all time, the National Organization For Marriage, to not only beat the dead horse that is the Phil Robertson story but to literally suggest that it is a harbinger for an American government that will, in fact, sue people like this well-paid TV star’.
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