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Friday’s Op-Ed – Liberals Lose 2014 – ‘GOP’s 2014 horror strategy: Exploit Americans’ misfortune, drum up fake outrage’




Headlines like this story implies, are flooding the airwaves, TV and radio and also on the net.

“Prepare for them to search high and low for people disappointed with Obamacare — then pretend to share their pain”.

When you have to explain….you are losing.

But that’s what leading Democrats will do.


The disasterious roll out of the Obamacare web site was and will be the beginnings of loses for Democrats.

After the Republicans gave up in desperation from a HUGE shift in ratings from the Government shutdown and looming default – the Nation gave the Republicans a 22% approval rating.

22% Approval.

The argument against Obamacare had been defeated and defeated by popular opinion.

All we had to do was sit back and watch as Obamacare was implanted.

And what happened?

A complete and total failure.

Politically this disaster of a roll out was worse then Katrina or the Iraq war to little Bush.

We, via the actions of the Republicans themselves, had silenced the arguments against Obamacare.

We, via the INaction of the Republicans themselves of offering NO alternatives or ANY positive legislation, had taken the Nation back to possible ‘regular order’ and away from the teabagger fanatics that now run the Republican Party.

We won’t know the positive effects of Obamacare for 3-5 years.

We have midterm elections in 10 months.

10 months in which FOX, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and everyone in Conservative ‘news’ and talk wiil be saying over and over ‘Obamacare is bad’, ‘Obvamacare is bad’, ‘Obamacare is bad’.

10 months that instead of offering positive legislation, ‘paying America forward‘, Democrats will be ‘explaining’ that Obamacare ISN’T bad.

When you explain….you lose.

All because of the failed Obamacare web site roll out.

Having worked hard for 3 yerars to take Obamcare away from Republicans as an issue, in 1 week we gave it back to them .

This will be President Obama’s legacy.

Giving the Nation back to the right wing fanatics.



“All it takes is one good man with a gun….” – ‘Missouri 6-Year-Old Shot On New Year’s Day’

gun nuts1


gun nuts2

Just more collateral damage for the NRA gun nuts.

A 6 year old girl shot to ‘protect our liberty’.

‘A 6-year-old girl is in stable condition after being accidentally shot in Springfield, Missouri on New Year’s Day, KOLR10News reported’.

‘Authorities say the girl was shot by a 12-year-old boy. The girl’s mother was present in the home where the incident took place’.
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