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The Day in a Picture


A Republican vision for America – ‘Right-Wing Facebook Page Calls For National Lynch President Obama Day’





This is what the right wing fringe has brought to the Republican Party.

A Republican Party that lives in fear of the right wing fringe.

‘On December 30th at 1:09pm, right-wing Facebook page ‘America the next Generation‘ posted a picture that should spark investigations and arrests. The offensive photo shows the president with a noose around his neck. He’s about to be lynched and the words ‘The Making of a National Holiday’ are scrawled across it. The text above the post reads: “A holiday we could all celebrate as justice would be served.”

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“All it takes is one good man with a gun….” – ‘2014 Kicks Off With Gun Crimes Across The Country’

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‘The new year may be a time for resolutions and fresh starts, but one thing didn’t change at all as the calendar page turned this year: America’s gun violence epidemic continued without pause through midnight Tuesday’.

‘As revelers imbibed and danced their way into 2014, here is a look at some of the gun violence that unfurled across the country’:

‘7:00 pm, Barberton, OH: Two shot dead, two others shot and injured at New Year’s Eve party’.

‘9:10 pm, Oakland, CA: One person was killed and two others (including a child) were injured as people headed out to their New Year’s celebrations Tuesday. The shooting was Oakland’s 92nd homicide of 2013′.

’11:00 pm, Pittsburgh, PA: Just before the new year began, three people were injured in a shooting near a bar in East Pittsburgh’.

’11:00 pm, Seattle, WA: Two people were shot, one critically and in the head, at a party in Seattle less than an hour before midnight’.

’12:00 am, Jacksonville, FL: While celebrating the start of 2014, a Florida man playing with his gun accidentally shot himself in the head’.

’12:30 am, Benton County, MO: Just half an hour after the ball dropped, a man in Missouri was shot and killed in what is being described as a “domestic altercation.

’12:55 am, Toms River, NJ: Police arrived to a chaotic scene at a hotel in New Jersey where someone had opened fire — people were climbing out of windows and screaming after three people were shot at a party. The gunman is still on the loose’.

’12:56 am, Anchorage, AK: One man accidentally shot another inside his home in the early hours of 2014. The man who shot the gun has been charged with misconduct involving a weapon, and first degree assault’.

‘1:45 am, Evanston, OH: One person was killed and another injured in Ohio’s first homicide of 2014′.

‘2:00 am, Chicago, IL: Police in Chicago responded to reports of shots fired just before 2:00 Wednesday morning. After a person allegedly raised a gun at the cops, they opened fire. In total, four people were shot by police fire’.

‘2:30 am, Memphis, TN: Gunshots rang through a night club in Memphis in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and a man leaving the club ended up injured by the bullets. Another bullet hole was found in a bouncer’s shirt, though he had not been hit’.

‘2:40 am, Cromwell, CT: Just outside of another hotel party for the new year, a person was shot in the leg. Private security found the victim after hearing gunshots coming from a parking garage outside the hotel’.

‘3:00 am, New York, NY: 17-year old Malik Bhola was shot in the chest in Brooklyn. After being taken to the hospital, he was pronounced dead’.

‘3:00 am, New Haven, CT: A man was left in critical condition after being shot in the head at a New Year’s Eve hotel party just before 3:00 am’.
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