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Credit Very Demotivational via Outside the Interzone

Credit Very Demotivational via Outside the Interzone

The Difference Between Democrat and Republican – ‘Redistribute wealth? No, redistribute respect’

dems vs repubs


dems vs repubs1

When crap like this is touted as what we ‘Liberals’ need to start doing, it’s why we Liberals will fail and might as well hand over the Country to Corporations and the wealthy.

From this op-ed by a Noah Smith (No relation) :

“I want to move back toward a society where the hard work of an unskilled laborer is considered worthwhile in social interactions, regardless of how many dollars it brings home”.

“It’s tempting to blame conservatives, libertarians, and the business community for the erosion of equality of respect”.

“But I think American liberals have also made the mistake of focusing too much on income and wealth as the measures of success”.
@ :
“House GOP votes to cut $39 billion from food stamp program’
@ :

“House Republicans Vote to Keep Bush Tax Cuts for the Richest 2%”
@ :

“House Republicans want to let unemployment benefits lapse”
@ :

“Ryan budget would hurt poor and elderly, experts say”
@ :

“Republicans Want Deeper Cuts For Domestic Programs To Finance More Defense Spending”
@ :

Yeah….it’s the Democrats fault. Don’t blame the Conservatives or Libertarians.

One last note your respect.

Mitt Romney :
Rick Santorum from the Religious Right :

Fight the war that will save America.

Income equality and opportunity!

A Republican vision for America – ‘Paul Ryan lectures the pope’

ryan vs pope


ryan vs the pope

‘The Catholic conservative who insists he cares about the poor says Pope Francis doesn’t understand capitalism’.

“What I love about the pope is he is triggering the exact kind of dialogue we ought to be having,” Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “People need to get involved in their communities to make a difference, to fix problems soul to soul.”

Ah Yes. The Republican ‘real’ capitalism.

“The guy is from Argentina, they haven’t had real capitalism in Argentina,” Ryan said (referring to the pope as “the guy” is a nice folksy touch.) “They have crony capitalism in Argentina. They don’t have a true free enterprise system.”
@ :

‘Catholic bishops criticize Ryan budget for hurting the poor’
@ :

‘Paul Ryan’s Budget Extreme Version Of Ronald Reagan Economics’
@ :

‘Trickle-Down Economics and Broken Promises’
‘How Inequality Is Holding Back Our Economy’
” Trickle-down economics is severely flawed; for decades, its associated economic policies have generated high levels of inequality, justifying that inequality with faulty logic, and most likely, dampened levels of economic growth. In contrast, middle-out policies, which combat inequality and strengthen the middle class through a progressive economic agenda, have the promise to bring about a new era of shared prosperity in our nation”.
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A Republican vision for America – ‘If Republican Led ‘Real America’ Was a Country – It Would Be the 3rd Poorest on Earth’

republican teaparty real american

This is the Country they want the rest of us to live in :  

“Republicans and their teabagger comrades are wont to claim they are the real Americans, and those residing in the former Confederacy like to claim they live in the real America”.

  • ’11 of the top 12 states with the highest mortality rates are located in the South’.

‘The top 10 states with the lowest mortality rates are in the Northeast and Western United States’

‘Of the 25 states that are above the national average, 19 are blue and just six are red’.

  • ‘Conversely, of the 25 states below the national average, 17 are red and just eight are blue’.
  • ‘Republican policies have transformed the former Confederacy into a poverty-ridden region including the 14 states with the highest child poverty rates in the nation’    

teabagger REAL Americans

‘Americans living in the Southern states have the lowest wages,

  • least access to healthcare,
  • highest mortality rate,
  • highest child poverty rate,
  • lowest graduation rate, and
  • least amount of protections for their residents’.

From :

See also :
‘Southern Republicans Drag the Rest of the Nation Down by Doing the Kochs’ Bidding’
“One of the reasons America has become a third-world nation is three decades of Republican trickle-down economics, the monopolization, privatization and deregulation of industry, and decimation of labor protection has sent 50 million Americans into wretched poverty while all the wealth has risen to the top 1% of income earners instead of investing in America”.
@ :

‘Republicans Vote Against Their Own Survival as the Top 14 Child Poverty States Are Red’
“The top fourteen states with the highest percentage of children living in dire poverty are deeply-held red states and far exceed the humiliating national child poverty rate of nearly 24%”.
@ :

‘Southern States Are Pushing Themselves Deeper Into Poverty By Voting Republican’
“It is bad enough that the richest nation on Earth comes in at number 2 in the world with over 23% of its children living in extreme poverty, but the numbers are worse in the bottom five states that, not coincidently, are controlled by Republicans on a path to increase poverty and keep their poorest and youngest residents hungry, homeless, and in ill-health”.
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