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Republican Hate, Fear & Loathing – ‘Deniers Of Man-Made Climate Change Shut Down Again, This Time On Reddit’

climate change

I understand that people, including myself, can and are ‘against’ some things.

But if I am, then it is based on sound, reasoned and intelligent ground work to come to my conclusions.

Not so with most teabaggers and by extension – as Republicans still and will fear the teabaggers constant threats of them not being conservative enough and therefore not a ‘real American – Republicans.

‘A study put together about a year ago showed that 97% of the scientific community agrees on man-made climate change. DeSmogBlog posted its own study that showed only 23 peer-reviewed papers out of nearly 14,000 denied man-made climate change’.

‘Nathan Allen, moderator of a science forum on Reddit, banned climate change deniers from posting and commenting on his forum’.

‘The move sparked outrage about censorship and silencing the opposition. The problem is, according to Allen, these people were rude and uninformed’.

‘He wanted to keep people there focused on talking about real science. Submissions have to relate to recent articles in peer-reviewed journals, not opinions or biased blogs’.

‘Reddit is not the first place to shut down climate deniers’.

‘The Los Angeles Times stopped publishing letters to the editor based on climate change denial’.

‘Paul Thornton, L.A. Times’ letters editor, said that they don’t publish letters based on fiction’.

‘Of course, deniers of man-made climate change were just as upset with that decision as they were with Allen’s decision. They called the paper out for silencing those with opposing views on man-made climate change’.

‘Thornton replied to those skeptics with, “When deciding which letters should run among hundreds on such weighty matters as climate change, I must rely on the experts — in other words, those scientists with advanced degrees who undertake tedious research and rigorous peer review.”
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