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What Congress Does – ‘The Recent History of Continuing Resolutions’


‘So, you might be wondering, how often do we run
the government on continuing resolutions and how
often do we manage to go through the full budget

‘Well, via The Note’:

“It had been 14 years since the House, the Senate
and the president have all agreed on a bill to fund
the government for an entire fiscal year”.

“In the past 26 years, Congress and the president
have agreed to a year-long budget only three times,
in 1989, 1995 and 1997, according to a report from
the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service”.

‘And make that 16 years, as the piece in question
was written just over two years ago (and we all
should know that we are currently functioning under
a CR until early next year)’.

‘As such, when partisans for one of the two parties
decries how the other side is unwilling to “pass a
budget” (a statement which oversimplifies the
situation, btw) it is worth remembering that this
is a long-term, bipartisan problem’.
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Dumbing Down America – ‘Dead Candidates Leading In Two Washington State Races’

dumbing down


walking dead

I’ve always said that in addition to family, friends and co-workers, there are about 25 people you should know.

The people who represent you.

City council..County Government…State Representative and
Senator…US Representative…US
Senators…Vp & President.

‘Two candidates in Washington State are winning
their respective elections despite the seemingly
important problem that they happen to be dead’:

SEATTLE — ‘Two candidates in separate races in
Washington state are winning in Tuesday’s election
despite being dead’.

‘In the Seattle suburb of Des Moines, John
Rosentangle won 71 percent of the vote over
write-in candidates in the King County Water
District 54. The 63-year-old died in August of an

‘On the Washington coast in Aberdeen, John Erak is
leading Alan Richrod with 53 percent of the vote in
a city council race. The 81-year-old Erak was a
former state representative who died in June
shortly after announcing he was running to retain
his seat on the city council. His current lead is
only 12 votes, and the results aren’t final’.
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Stop The GOP Lies – ‘CBS ‘Reviewing’ Benghazi Story’

cbs benghaiz

‘One of CBS’s main sources in its coverage of the
Benghazi consulate attack needs to get his story

‘In an interview with 60 Minutes last month, Dylan
Davies, who was hired as a security officer for the
U.S. special mission in the Libyan city, said that
on September 11, 2012, he went to a hospital where
he saw ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’ dead body
and visited the scene of the attack on the U.S.
consulate twice’.

‘This is also the account he shared in a book he
wrote under the pseudonym Morgan Jones’.

‘This is not, however, what he told the FBI, which
says that its incident report on the night of the
attack has Davies never leaving his villa’.

‘Last week, Davies told The Daily Beast that what
he told CBS was true and the leaked incident report
was not. 60 Minutes released a statement Thursday
night, acknowledging the contradictory stories and
noting that it’s looking into whether it was
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A Liberal Vision For America – ‘Quote of the Day’

turn texas blue1


wendy davis1

“I am pro-life. I care about the life of every
child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every
child that goes to bed without a proper education,
every child that goes to bed without being able to
be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man
who worry about their children’s future and their
ability to provide for that future. I care about
life and I have a record of fighting for people
above all else.”

— ‘Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D),
quoted by the Dallas Morning News, borrowing a
phrase from anti-abortion activists’.
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A Liberal Vision For America – ‘Ex-Lt. Gov. Bohlinger officially enters race for Senate’

gov john bohlinger

‘Former Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger said Wednesday he
decided to run for the U.S. Senate after the
receiving considerable support and encouragement
from Montanans the past four months’.

‘Bohlinger, 77, a Democrat from Helena, also said
he was motivated to enter in the race after the
16-day partial government shutdown this fall’.

“We need to challenge the tea party representatives
who like the Taliban shut our country down,”
Bohlinger told reporters’.
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Not Conservative Enough – ‘Sean Hannity: What’s Christie’s ‘Big Appeal,’ Anyway’?

sean hannity

His ‘appeal’ is that when Christie stands next to Cruz, Paul, Palin, Perry, Cain, Rubio or almost any possible Republican, he looks and sounds intelligent and normal.

‘Sean Hannity declared that the “anointment” of New 

Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the 2016 GOP
presidential nominee following his re-election on
Tuesday is “jumping the gun”.

‘He told listeners of his radio show on Wednesday:
“It is hardly an economic boon or turnaround in the
state of New Jersey, I can tell you that’.

‘Hannity charged that Christie is “not in the
mainstream of conservatism. Don’t tell me this is
going to be a cakewalk.”

‘Referring to exit polls on Tuesday that showed
Hillary Clinton beating Christie in 2016, Hannity
said: “Chris Christie on his most popular day can’t
beat Hillary Clinton. That ought to be a warning
sign to everybody who wants to put their anointment
on this guy without even having a primary.”

“And lecturing every conservative, as you are
doing, is not going to endear them to you.”

‘Hannity also dared Christie to call President
Barack Obama a liar for claiming people would be
able to keep their healthcare insurance plans if
they wanted to’.

“Has Chris Christie ever said Obama’s a liar? Hey
Chris, election’s over. I dare you. I dare you,” he

“I want to hear you say, ‘Yeah, Barack Obama is a
lair and he lied about his lies.'”
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Republican War On Women – ‘Graham Introduces Legislation To Ban Abortions Nationwide After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy’

war on women11


lindsey graham1

This is ‘small’ Government.

Republicans know better then your doctor.

‘Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Thursday introduced
legislation that would ban abortions nationwide for
women more than 20 weeks pregnant, the senator’s
office announced’.

‘The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act draws
on scientific evidence that says an unborn child
can feel pain, according to Graham’s office. The
legislation would make it illegal for any person to
perform or attempt to perform an abortion after 20
weeks, or six months, of pregnancy and would
mandate a determination of the probable
post-fertilization age of the unborn child prior to
any abortion operation’.

‘The legislation would make exceptions only in the
case that an abortion is necessary to save the life
of the pregnant woman, or if the pregnancy is a
result of rape or incest against a minor’.
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Blog Running – ‘I’m Sorry, Too, Mr. President’


Ron Fournier at his best.

‘I’m sorry, too, Mr. President’.

‘I’m sorry you couldn’t finesse a single Republican
vote for health insurance reform in 2010’.

‘I’m sorry Republicans decided to re-litigate the
law rather than help implement it, offering no
serious alternative of their own for the nearly 50
million uninsured Americans’.

‘I’m sorry you campaigned for reelection on the
famous false promise: “If you like your health care
plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.

‘I’m sorry your aides debated whether to tell the
full truth (that people could keep their insurance
only if it hadn’t changed and if it met your
standards) and decided instead to institutionalize
the lie’.

‘I’m sorry that when Americans recognized the
deception you tried to reinvent history: “What we
said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since
the law passed.” No, no, no, no, no—that’s not what
you guys said’.

‘I’m sorry you didn’t trust Americans with the

‘I’m sorry that the Democratic Party’s decades-old
chase toward universal health care is now at risk
because your law—your legacy, sir—is off to such a
miserable start. The online networks don’t work and
the people you need bought into the system,
particularly young Americans, can’t access the
market and now may never trust it … or you’.

“I am sorry that they are finding themselves in
this situation based on assurances they got from
me,” you told NBC News. “We’ve got to work hard to
make sure that they know we hear them and we are
going to do everything we can to deal with folks
who find themselves in a tough position as a
consequence of this.”

‘Then, work hard, Mr. President, and tell your
administration to do the same’.

‘Tell them, please, to stop blaming Republicans,
insurance companies, and the media—to stop making
excuses and shading the truth’.

‘You must lead by example (the NBC interview was
full of excuses) and create a system of universal
health care that is worthy of your promise’.

“Ultimately,” you told NBC, “the buck stops with
me.” You’re right, sir. Please don’t make us sorry
about that’.
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Sunday Picks – Week 10

week 10

Almost forgot…..

Week 1
13 – 3
__________= 13 – 3 = 81%
Week 2
10 – 6
__________= 23 – 9 = 71%
Week 3
8 – 8
__________=31 – 17 = 64%
Week 4
8 – 7
__________=39 – 24 = 61%
Week 5
9 – 5
__________=48 – 29 = 62%
Week 6
9 – 6
__________=57 – 35 = 61%
Week 7
9 – 6
__________=66 – 41 = 61%
Week 8
10 – 3
__________=76 – 44 = 63%
Week 9
8 – 5
__________=84 – 49 = 63%

Week 10: November 6 – November 12
Washington at Minnesota – Pick – Washington

Seattle at Atlanta – Pick – Atlanta
Sea just squeekewd out a road win vs. StL. And down 2 defence.

Detroit at Chicago – Pick – Detroit
Better D

Philadelphia at Green Bay – Pick – Phily
With Rodgers gone it will be a hard road.

Jacksonville at Tennessee – Pick – Tenn
I think jack can win a game this yeat….just not against Tenn.

St. Louis at Indianapolis – Pick – Indy

Oakland at NY Giants – Pick – NYG
Back on track? It’s vs Oak anyway.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh – Pick – Buffalo
Buff is losing to better teams.

Cincinnati at Baltimore – Pick – Cinci
And don’t let me down this week.

Carolina at San Francisco – Pick – San Fran

Houston at Arizona – Pick – Arz.
didn’t think I’d be saying that the frist of the year.

Denver at San Diego – Pick – Denver

Dallas at New Orleans – Pick – New Orleans
And ditto. Don’t let me down.

Miami at Tampa Bay – Pick – Maima
·Bye: Cleveland, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets

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