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Being Poor In America – ‘Texas School Throws Child’s Breakfast In The Garbage To Bully Him Out Of 30 Cents’

breakfast taken away

‘A 12-year-old boy was forced to sit in
embarrassment at the breakfast table at Barber
Middle School in Dickinson ISD when cafeteria
workers took his food away and threw it in the


‘Because the boy’s account was short a measly 30
cents. As a result, the hungry child didn’t get to
start the day with a meal in his belly’.

‘Instead of allowing the child to finish his meal,
school officials tossed it and made him call his
mother to have her bring money to the school’.

‘But even after calling his mom, the school refused
to let him eat until they got their money’.

‘Apparently, it’s school policy to take food away
from hungry children and throw it in the trash as
they watch if they are a few cents short’.

‘According to the school district, they don’t allow
students to charge meals on their account and they
warn students when their accounts are low in
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4 thoughts on “Being Poor In America – ‘Texas School Throws Child’s Breakfast In The Garbage To Bully Him Out Of 30 Cents’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez on said:

    I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. A similar thing happened to my daughter in first grade. She was sick on a Monday — the only day they collected lunch money. The lunch worker said my daughter would either do without lunch or I would have to pack her lunch. ** That was it ** I tried to pay the entire year but she said they don’t do it that way, they only collect each Monday. I told the B@#%& she BETTER give my daughter her lunch every day or I would bring national media into it. —- She fed my daughter lunch every single day.

    From that day forward I MAILED the paltry sum to the school’s main office with instructions what to do with the money every – single – week. It was a hassle for me but it was ALSO extra steps the woman and school had to take. I could not wait to get out of that area and out of that school.

    Did you ever hear of the school? There was a movie made about a man who raised five daughters in that school, built a home my hand and the girls were doctors and such. The movie was “Ditch Digger’s Daughters.” Gregory Elementary School was the school. The principal was prosecuted for embezzlement… but that’s another story.

    Adults are sometimes bullies too.

    • This has become the new Republican Party. Holding children hostage for lunch money.
      Holding uninsured Americans hostage over health care.
      Holding undocumented Americans hostage to deportation.

  3. It sounds less like a school and more like a corporate office. I feel sorry for the kid, mainly because he has to study there.

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