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Being Poor In America – ‘Poverty in 13 states is worse than we thought’

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But we don’t need a National Health Care

‘Medical out-of-pocket expenses (MOOPs) increased
the poverty rate more than any other element

‘First, the bad: Poverty rates are higher than
previously thought in 13 states and D.C’.

‘The good’?

‘Poverty rates are lower in 28 other states’.

‘Those are the findings of a new Census report out
this week that seeks to better measure poverty’.

‘Here’s why: The official poverty rate ignores some
important costs and benefits confronted by the

‘Poverty can be offset, for example, by government
assistance in the form of food stamps, subsidized
housing and home energy assistance’.

‘At the same time, it can be made worse by
factoring in necessary costs such as taxes, child
care, work-related expenses and medical costs’.

‘Children had lower rates of poverty last year
under the new measure, while adults — especially
seniors — had higher rates’.

‘The share of those under 18 living in poverty
shrank by 4.3 percentage points to 18 percent’.

‘The rate of poverty among seniors rose 5.8 points
to 14.8 percent. (Health-care costs in general tend
to grow faster than inflation, and older adults
tend to require more health care.)’

‘Factoring in Social Security benefits reduced the
official poverty rate more than any other cost or
benefit considered’.

‘Refundable tax credits were next, followed by the
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — the
program formerly known as food stamps that was
reduced for millions of Americans at the start of
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2 thoughts on “Being Poor In America – ‘Poverty in 13 states is worse than we thought’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. I always thought of America as a rich country. I did not know poverty was an issue here too. Interesting article.

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