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Sunday Picks – Week 10

week 10

Almost forgot…..

Week 1
13 – 3
__________= 13 – 3 = 81%
Week 2
10 – 6
__________= 23 – 9 = 71%
Week 3
8 – 8
__________=31 – 17 = 64%
Week 4
8 – 7
__________=39 – 24 = 61%
Week 5
9 – 5
__________=48 – 29 = 62%
Week 6
9 – 6
__________=57 – 35 = 61%
Week 7
9 – 6
__________=66 – 41 = 61%
Week 8
10 – 3
__________=76 – 44 = 63%
Week 9
8 – 5
__________=84 – 49 = 63%

Week 10: November 6 – November 12
Washington at Minnesota – Pick – Washington

Seattle at Atlanta – Pick – Atlanta
Sea just squeekewd out a road win vs. StL. And down 2 defence.

Detroit at Chicago – Pick – Detroit
Better D

Philadelphia at Green Bay – Pick – Phily
With Rodgers gone it will be a hard road.

Jacksonville at Tennessee – Pick – Tenn
I think jack can win a game this yeat….just not against Tenn.

St. Louis at Indianapolis – Pick – Indy

Oakland at NY Giants – Pick – NYG
Back on track? It’s vs Oak anyway.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh – Pick – Buffalo
Buff is losing to better teams.

Cincinnati at Baltimore – Pick – Cinci
And don’t let me down this week.

Carolina at San Francisco – Pick – San Fran

Houston at Arizona – Pick – Arz.
didn’t think I’d be saying that the frist of the year.

Denver at San Diego – Pick – Denver

Dallas at New Orleans – Pick – New Orleans
And ditto. Don’t let me down.

Miami at Tampa Bay – Pick – Maima
·Bye: Cleveland, Kansas City, New England, NY Jets

The Day in a Picture

day in a picture50

‘What Really Happened to GMO Labeling in Washington’


‘Monsanto and the junk food industry teamed up to
shatter Washington state records’.

‘They dumped more than $22 million into fighting
against GMO labeling’.

‘Exactly $550 of the “no” campaign’s dollars came
from inside Washington State’.

Let me repeat that…..Exactly $550 of the “no”
campaign’s dollars came from inside Washington

‘This was a classic example of out-of-state
corporate interests pouring massive money into
maintaining control of our food systems.
From :

Being Poor In America – ‘How Food Stamp Cuts Affect Your State’

food stamps3


food stamps6



‘The average monthly benefit per household for all
50 states and the District of Columbia last year
was $278′.

‘The reductions will be acutely felt in states with
a higher food stamp population, particularly in the
dozen states where one in five residents is
collecting benefits’.

‘The record number of Americans relying on federal
aid to put food on the table will have to make do
with less starting today, as a recession-era boost
to food stamps officially expires’.

‘Benefits are being reduced by about 5 percent
beginning Nov. 1 for all of the nearly 47.7 million
Americans on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

‘The cuts severely curtail the federal funds that
have flowed into local communities and businesses
through the states’.

‘Georgia, for example, will see total benefits cut
by $210 million, according to an analysis by the
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a
left-leaning think tank’.

‘Illinois’ share of the cut will be $220 million’.

‘For Ohio, it’s $193 million’.

‘All told, $5 billion less in food stamp benefits
will be paid over the next year’.
From :

Rand Paul when he ISN’T plagiarizing – ‘Rand Paul knocks Chris Christie for Hurricane Sandy TV ads’

rand paul 1

First it was ‘If I were President’ and now it’s if
I were Housing and Urban Development Secretary’.

Now it’s “I want a natural disaster in Kentucky so that I can take credit for helping.”

‘Speaking at a Senate hearing, Paul called the ads
a “black eye” for ongoing recovery efforts’.

‘He broached the subject during a hearing by the
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Committee to review the federal response to
Hurricane Sandy one year since the storm battered
the East Coast’.

‘During questioning, Paul asked Housing and Urban
Development Secretary Shaun Donovan whether it was
appropriate to permit the New Jersey state
government to use federal relief dollars to fund
the ad campaign’.

‘Donovan declined to take a position, but said that
HUD studies have found that such ad campaigns “are
effective in growing economic development” in
storm-ravaged areas’.

“It gives a little bit of a black eye to something
that maybe a lot of it is going to a good purpose,
but I would say that if I were in your position I
would have said no,” Paul said in response’.

‘Then he added: “Some of these ads, people running
for office put their mug all over these ads while
they’re in the middle of a political campaign. In
New Jersey, $25 million was spent on ads that
included somebody running for political office. I’m
thinking there might be a conflict of interest
there. That’s a real problem. And that’s why, when
people are trying to do good and trying to use the
taxpayer’s money wisely, they’re offended to see
our money spent on political ads. That’s just
From :


gop lies



Oh….My bad…..

‘This wasn’t the Affordable Care Act,
better known as Obamacare; it was President George
W. Bush’s Medicare prescription drug program’.

‘The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office
(GAO) ruled that some of the administration’s ads
promoting the new program were illegal while others
were misleading’.

‘GAO investigators also found that the White House
illegally withheld data from Congress on the cost
of the new law’.

‘The Congressman who crafted the bill soon left
Capitol Hill for K Street, where he made millions
of dollars annually as a heath care lobbyist’.

‘The new federal web site allowing people to
compare plans and prices was delayed by weeks,
while just 300 customer service reps manned the
phones to help new enrollees’.

‘Yet over six million people immediately lost their
coverage, while hundreds of thousands more were
refused treatment because of malfunctions in the
computer systems linking providers and insurers’.

‘In response to the mushrooming crisis, governors
in mostly Democratic states spent billions to
continue coverage for their residents, while the
President pleaded with insurance companies not to
cut off their current policyholders’.

‘Nevertheless, the White House sided with insurers
and rejected bipartisan calls to delay the
enrollment deadline even as public approval
plummeted to 25 percent’.

‘It’s no wonder John Boehner called the rollout of
the administration’s signature domestic policy
achievement “horrendous.”

From :

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