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Rand Paul’s Plagiarism Problem – ‘Sections Of Rand Paul’s Op-Ed On Drug Sentencing Plagiarized From Article Week Earlier’

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‘Portions of the Kentucky senator’s op-ed in The
Washington Times appear to be copied word-for-word
from an article published a week earlier’.

Sections of an op-ed Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wrote
on mandatory minimums in The Washington Times in
September appear nearly identical to an article by
Dan Stewart of The Week that ran a week earlier.
The discovery comes amid reports from BuzzFeed that
Paul plagiarized in his book and in several
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A Republican vision for America – Ted Cruz Edition – ‘Rafael Cruz: Gays Stole The Word ‘Gay’

ted and rafeal cruz


ted cruz9


ted cruz3

The only honesty you’ll get out of the Ted Cruz For President campaign is from his father and THAT will be the downfall of Teddy.

Come on Ted.

Let’s see you tell your dad to shut up.

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