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Sunday Picks – Week 9 – Monday Morning Quarter Backing on a Tuesday

week 9

Cinci lost? New Orleans lost? Big loss for Green Bay.

Week 1
13 – 3
__________= 13 – 3 = 81%
Week 2
10 – 6
__________= 23 – 9 = 71%
Week 3
8 – 8
__________=31 – 17 = 64%
Week 4
8 – 7
__________=39 – 24 = 61%
Week 5
9 – 5
__________=48 – 29 = 62%
Week 6
9 – 6
__________=57 – 35 = 61%
Week 7
9 – 6
__________=66 – 41 = 61%
Week 8
10 – 3
__________=76 – 44 = 63%
Week 9
8 – 5
__________=84 – 49 = 63%

Week 9
20………to. 22
Cincinnati at Miami – Pick – Cinci – Loss

23……….to. 13
Kansas City at Buffalo – Pick – Kansas City – Win

23…… 27
Minnesota at Dallas – Pick – Dallas – Win

28…… 21
Tennessee at St. Louis – Pick – Tennessee – Win

20……….to. 26
New Orleans at NY Jets – Pick – New Orleans – Loss

24…… 30
San Diego at Washington – Pick – Washington – Win

10……to. 34
Atlanta at Carolina – Pick – Carolina – Win

49……… 20
Philadelphia at Oakland – Pick – Oakland – Loss

24…… 27
Tampa Bay at Seattle – Pick – Seattle – Win

18…… 24
Baltimore at Cleveland – Pick – Baltimore – Loss

31………to. 55
Pittsburgh at New England – Pick – New Eng – Win

27……… 24
Indianapolis at Houston – Pick – Indy – Win

27……to. 20
Chicago at Green Bay – Pick – Green Bay – Loss

·Bye: Denver, Detroit, NY Giants, Arizona, San Francisco, Jacksonville



‘GMOs, Pot Taxes, Governors and More on the Election Ballot’


Two companies, DuPont and Monsanto have spent almost $10 Million on stopping this in Washington.

As I tell people, they don’t spend that much money to protect little old us. They’re doing it to protect their profits.
‘Voters in nearly a dozen states head to the polls today in off-year elections that produced a few surprisingly fierce campaigns’.

‘Two high-profile governor’s mansions – New Jersey and Virginia – hang in the balance. In six other states, 31 ballot questions saw fierce campaigns that demanded voter attention and, in at least one case, broke spending records.’

Washington State: ‘Genetically Modified Foods
One of the more expensive ballot fights is in Washington, where supporters and opponents have poured almost $24 million into a campaign over whether genetically modified foods, known as GMOs, should have to be labeled’.

‘State campaign finance records this week showed contributions totaling nearly $24 million, surpassing the amount raised during the state’s 2012 same-sex marriage campaign and making it the second most expensive ballot question campaign ever’.

‘The Washington debate is similar to the fight that played out in California last year, when voters rejected a similar measure that was fiercely opposed by agricultural and food-business interests and backed by environmentalists and other liberal groups’.

“It’s really a proxy battle over genetically modified food, generally,” said Mark A. Smith, a political science professor at the University of Washington. Those opposing the labeling often see the proposals as a watershed: If one state adopts them, the theory goes, more will follow’.
From :

With that in mind, the opposition is mobilized. More than two-thirds—$17.2 million—of the total raised is for the opposition. But supporters have millions as well.

The outcome could hinge on turnout. In much of the state – including more conservative rural areas – there are few if any high-profile matters on the ballot to draw people to the polls. But in liberal Seattle, residents will also decide a closely contested mayoral race, which could boost turnout for those who support labeling.

Blog Running – ‘Obama’s Mad As Heck, But How Can Anyone Tell’?

mild mannered obama

This will be President Obama’s legacy…well and legislating ‘Obamacare’ instead of Single Payer.

‘Mr. President, we’re here today because you obviously have a serious issue with your anger’.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m the best anger manager that you’ll ever meet.”

‘That’s the problem, sir. When the American people get angry, they’d like to know that you’re feeling what they’re feeling. They’d like to see you lose your temper once in a while. Staying cool and unflappable during a crisis is fine, but sometimes overmanaging anger can be just as unhealthy as undermanaging it’.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Government Investment Hits Lowest Level Since World War II’




By not investing, we are stopping any possible growth.

  • Show me a home owner that doesn’t spend any money and thinks the value of their home will increase?
  • Show me a business owner who cuts his inventory, cuts his staff, cuts his sales force and thinks their business will grow.

‘Gross capital investment from the public sector,
or government spending on infrastructure,
scientific research, education, and other long-term
priorities, has fallen below any level since World
War II, according to an analysis by the Financial
Times. It now amounts to 3.6 percent of GDP,
compared to an average of 5 percent after the war’.
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