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Blog Running – ‘It’s Hard To Run A Democracy With An Ignorant Public’

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‘Fully 93 percent of Tea Party members subscribe to the false belief that government spending is skyrocketing out of control’.

‘Under President Obama, the federal budget deficit has been more than cut in half, from a FY 2009 high of $1.55 trillion (largely inherited from George W. Bush) to an estimated $642 billion this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office’.

‘However, a recent Bloomberg News poll shows that only 10 percent of American voters are acquainted with this indisputable fact’.

’59 percent mistakenly believe that the deficit has risen under Obama’.

‘Another 26 percent think it’s remained approximately the same’.

  • ‘Overall, since 2009 government spending has risen at an annualized rate of only 1.4 percent’.
  • ‘As compared to 8.1 percent during George W. Bush’s second term’
  • ‘4.9 percent during Ronald Reagan’s’.
  • ‘And 5.4 percent under George Bush the elder’.
  • ‘Bill Clinton averaged 3.9 percent during his second term’.

‘It’s hard to run a democracy given such widespread public ignorance’.
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