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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – A Republican vision for America – ‘House Conservatives Revolt’

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When ‘what’s important’ is what can pass a fanatical Republican House – we as a Nation are in trouble.

My hope is that regardless of the details – as long as the deal opens the Government and raises the debt at least until January 15th – it passes the Senate.

Then let the House Republicans block it.

And watch their approval drop to single digits along with 20 to 50 of them being voted out next year.

House Republicans block any half reasonable deal and democrats take back the House.

Imagine that.

An actual Government.

“What they’ll come up with in the Senate will not get the support of most House Republicans,” predicts a House conservative strategist. “And thus, after a lot of hand-wringing, it’ll be DOA. Just like with BCA in 2011, the most important question is, what can pass the House? Everything else is subordinate to that”.

‘In a few minutes, House Republicans will meet in the Capitol’s basement’.

‘The chief topic of conversation: the emerging Senate deal’.

‘But before the meeting even begins, House conservatives are bashing it behind the scenes, and they’re pushing leadership to reject the compromise’.

‘A flurry of phone calls and meetings last night and early this morning led to that consensus among the approximately 50 Republicans who form the House GOP’s right flank’.

‘They’re furious with Senate Republicans for working with Democrats to craft what one leading tea-party congressman calls a “mushy piece of s**t.” Another House conservative warns, “If Boehner backs this, as is, he’s in trouble.”

‘But that’s unlikely to happen. As of 8:30 a.m., House conservatives believe the leadership is well aware of their unhappiness, and they expect Boehner to talk up the House’s next move: another volley to the Senate’.
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The Day in a Picture – The Republicans Are Coming! The Republicans Are Coming!

Credit Tastefully Offensive via Outside The Interzone

Credit Tastefully Offensive via Outside The Interzone

The Day in a Picture – John Boehner’s conversations

Credit Outside The Inter Zone

Credit Outside The Inter Zone

The Day in a Picture

Credit What Would Jack Do

Credit What Would Jack Do

The Day in a Picture

Credit Tony Auth via Outside The Interzone

Credit Tony Auth via Outside The Interzone

Caturday on a Tuesday – Because We Deserve It



This is what the Republicans have America doing.


Adrian Peterson

Sunday Picks – Week 6 – Monday Morning Quarter Backing on a Tuesday


Minnesota lost?

Green Bay, Houston , Indy lost?

Gotta admit the NO v. NE games was most likely the ‘Game of the Week’.


Week 1
13 – 3
__________= 13 – 3 = 81%
Week 2
10 – 6
__________= 23 – 9 = 71%
Week 3
8 – 8
__________=31 – 17 = 64%
Week 4
8 – 7
__________=39 – 24 = 61%
Week 5
9 – 5
__________=48 – 29 = 62%
Week 6
9 – 6
__________=57 – 35 = 61%

21…… 27
NY Giants at Chicago Pick – Chicago- Win

27………to. 24
Cincinnati at Buffalo – Pick – Cinncinnati – Win

31……to. 17
Detroit at Cleveland – Pick Detroit – Win

7…….to. 24
Oakland at Kansas City – Pick – Kansas City – Win

35…….to. 10
Carolina at Minnesota – Minnesota – Loss

19………to. 6
Pittsburgh at NY Jets – Pick – Jets – Loss

31……… 20
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay – Pick – Phily – Win

19…… 17
Green Bay at Baltimore – Pick Baltimore – Loss

38…… 13
St. Louis at Houston – Pick – Houston – Loss

19……… 35
Jacksonville at Denver – Pick – Denver – Win

13…… 20
Tennessee at Seattle – Pick – Seattle – Win

20……to. 32
Arizona at San Francisco – Pick – San Fran – Win

27……….to. 30
New Orleans at New England – Pick – New Or – Loss

16………to. 31
Washington at Dallas – Pick Dallas – Win

9…………to. 19
Indianapolis at San Diego – Pick – Indy – Loss
·Bye: Atlanta, Miami

REPOST – SHUTDOWN!! – ’21 Things Republicans Have Demanded In Exchange For Not Shutting Down The Government Or Tanking The Global Economy’

But remember….it’s the Democrats that ‘keep changing the goal posts’.

The Last Of The Millenniums



house demands

‘In just over 2 years, Republicans have been successful in extracting around $1.7 trillion in budget cuts or 72% of the total deficit reduction over that period’.

‘Under President Bush the government never shut down and the debt limit was raised five times with bipartisan support and without conditions’.

‘Since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2011, they have repeatedly attempted to use the prospect of a government shutdown or a debt default as leverage’.

‘While the recent debate has focused on Obamacare, that is just the latest in a series of demands made by Republicans’.

‘The following is a list of things that have been, at various times, demanded by Republicans under threat of a government shutdown or default’:
1. A balanced budget amendment [Link]

2. Approving Keystone XL [Link]

3. Eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood [Link]

4. Medicare privatization [Link]

5. Tax reform, as…

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A Republican vision for America – ‘Ted Cruz Could Force a Debt Default All by Himself’

ted cruz9


ted cruz3

‘Here’s a cheerful thought as Congress remains deadlocked over the debt ceiling and the hours tick away toward default: Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who basically forced the shutdown and whose own private polls have convinced him that it has been a glorious success, at this point could probably force a default and global economic calamity on his own—if he were so inclined’.

‘How could this happen’?

‘Because the Senate can move quickly when necessary, but only by unanimous consent’.

‘Let’s say Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) strike a deal today (that’s looking unlikely). Cruz surely won’t like it and has said repeatedly, “I will do everything necessary and anything possible to defund Obamacare.” If he’s true to his word, he could drag out the proceedings past Thursday and possibly well beyond’.

‘If Cruz is truly determined to block or delay any deal that does not touch Obamacare, here’s how he’d do it’:

‘The hypothetical Reid/McConnell bill would probably be introduced as an amendment to the “clean” debt-ceiling raise that Democrats introduced—and Republicans defeated—last week’.

‘Reid voted against cloture on the motion to proceed to that bill, a procedural tactic that allows him to reconsider the bill later on’.

‘Let’s say he does so by 5 p.m. Tuesday’.

‘There would need to be a cloture vote on the motion to proceed’.

‘Cruz would dissent, but he wouldn’t be able to round up 41 votes for a filibuster’.

‘That wouldn’t be his only weapon, however’.

‘The real killer is that Senate rules stipulate there must be 30 hours of post-cloture debate, unless senators agree unanimously to waive it’.

‘Reid and McConnell would want unanimous consent to move quickly, but Cruz could refuse, thereby forcing 30 hours of debate’.
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A Republican vision for America – Lie And Cheat – ‘This Video Of Republicans Tightening Control Of House Is As Unusual As It Seems’

ted cruz9


republicans block democracy

WASHINGTON — ‘The Republicans’ decision to alter an obscure procedural rule has enraged Democrats and given them evidence that Republicans have purposefully throw the government into chaos with a shutdown’.

‘Normally, any member of the House can force a vote on legislation which the Senate and House are unable to agree on’.

‘Although it is a rarely used mechanism, House Republicans were taking no chances in the days leading up to the shutdown’.

‘Republican leaders were nervous about the possibility that the Senate’s clean spending extension bill would pass the chamber on the strength of Democratic votes — or worse, that it would fail, taking it off the table permanently as a solution’.

‘That concern appears to have driven the decision to change the rules to allow only Majority Leader Eric Cantor to force a vote on the Senate plan’.

‘But the changes to the rules used to block Democrats from forcing a vote on the Senate’s spending plan is not the type of change that is routinely made, and is yet another sign of the Republican leadership’s tenuous control of the chamber’.
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