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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Taxpayers Pad Military Contractor CEO Pockets’

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‘Would you believe me if I told you that your tax dollars are lining the pockets of some of the highest-paid CEOs’?

‘The Institute for Policy Studies recently released a report examining the performance of the corporate chief executives who have ranked among America’s 25 highest-paid CEOs in one or more of the past 20 years’.

‘CEOs from leading government contractors comprise more than 12 percent of the top-paid chief executives in the Institute’s report’.

‘In the same years that these CEOs received some of corporate America’s fattest paychecks, their firms snagged $255 billion in taxpayer-funded federal contracts’.

‘Five of the companies with the highest-paid CEOs made the top 100 U.S. government contractors list every year over the past 20 years’.

‘These firms include two big military contractors — Lockheed Martin and United Technologies — along with IBM, General Electric, and Honeywell. These five companies have received $671 billion in federal contracts over the past 20 years’.

‘More taxpayer dollars have flowed into the coffers of aerospace giant Lockheed Martin than any other U.S. corporation over the past 20 years’.

‘In 2012, U.S. government contracts accounted for 82 percent of Lockheed’s net sales’.

‘A massive chunk of these public funds has wound up in the pockets of the company’s executives’.

‘Five times over the past 20 years Lockheed CEOs ranked among America’s top 25 highest-paid chief executives, earning sums that dwarf the pay levels of any U.S. military general or, for that matter, the commander in chief’.
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2 thoughts on “A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Taxpayers Pad Military Contractor CEO Pockets’

  1. No news here for me. You’ve just put the words in order. TY for the post!!! I can relate and understand. The problem is that the majority out there aren’t aware!!

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is the sad reality of our times … the American Dream is gone!! It’s gone to “roost” in the hands of the CEOs of the big corporations that how have “personhood”. Screw the 99&, the 1% are the beneficiaries of the collective effort!!!

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