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The Day in a Picture

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The Music of the Millenniums – ‘Willie Nelson, Ray Charles – Seven Spanish Angels’

willie nelson and ray charles

‘The Walking Dead Season 4’

walking dead

Not that I’m counting but less then 40 days.

I got hooked on this show because it wasn’t about the zombies. It was about survival with a great cast and great writing and direction.

This year (spoiler alert) is suppose to actually bring the zombies in as a threat.

Along (spoiler alert) with the ‘Governor’.

Who else would be feeding the zombies?

Stories From The Fringe Freaks – ‘White Supremacists Making Bid to Take Over North Dakota Town’


LEITH, N.D. –– ‘Abandoned houses lean with the weight of years on city blocks connected by gravel roads’.

‘A grain elevator still operates on the edge of town, but it hasn’t seen good business in decades’.

‘The only storefront business is a bar, and on most afternoons it sits empty like the roads that disappear among sunflower and wheat fields in the distance’.

‘So when officials in April 2012 noticed that one man was quickly buying up abandoned properties in what had become close to a ghost town high on the Great Plains, it was strange.

“I didn’t have a clue who the guy was until he showed up. All I know is he bought that house sight unseen, $5,000 cash, and had no idea what it looked like, where it was, other than he knew the directions to get to Leith,” Leith Mayor Ryan Schock, a farmer who has lived here all his life, told Hatewatch’.

‘That strange man was Paul Craig Cobb,


61, a bearded neo-Nazi who moved into a ramshackle two-story house without running water, and quickly began buying properties around Leith, population 19′.

‘According to county tax records that were first obtained by Hatewatch, Cobb has since purchased more than a dozen lots for a few hundred dollars each, mostly from landowners who live elsewhere in the country’.

‘Last year, on the white supremacist online forum Vanguard News Network (VNN), he announced his intentions to build an all-white bastion of racists in North Dakota “post haste.” The grandiose plan ends with white supremacists and neo-Nazis taking over the county government’.

‘Cobb’s plan in Leith is to build a Pioneer Little Europe –– an idea long favored on the racist right as a way to escape what is seen as a multiculturalist agenda at work in larger and more racially diverse cities’.

‘According to county tax and property records, Tom Metzger, of Warsaw, Ind., a viciously racist propagandist who leads a group known as the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), purchased a lot for one dollar from Cobb in June 2012’.

‘Four months later, Alex Linder, who runs the VNN neo-Nazi Web forum, did the same’.

‘Additionally, Cobb claims to have donated buildings in Leith to the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the largest neo-Nazi group in the country’.

‘This isn’t the first time Cobb has tried to build a homeland for whites. In 2006, he moved to Estonia and established Podblanc, a video-sharing service for white supremacists’.

‘But four years later, Cobb returned to the United States and reportedly settled in Montana’s Flathead Valley, where other racists including Christian Identity proponent Karl Gharst and neo-Nazi April Gaede had begun working to build a similar Pioneer Little Europe community of white supremacists’.

‘Cobb moved to North Dakota in April, where he has reportedly been working on road construction crews’.
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Sequester Saturday – ‘NIH Director On Sequestration: ‘God Help Us If We Get A Worldwide Pandemic’






BETHESDA, Md. — ‘In his first-floor office in the main building of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins’

‘An already stagnant budget was made worse this spring when Congress and the White House failed to prevent sequestration. The NIH was forced to cut $1.7 billion from its budget by the end of September, lowering its purchasing power about 25 percent, compared with 2003’.

‘Roughly six months into sequestration, however, the situation is worse than predicted’.

‘Internal NIH estimates show that it will end up cutting more than the 700 research grants the institutes initially planned to sacrifice in the name of austerity’.

‘If lawmakers fail to replace sequestration at the end of September, that number could rise above 1,000 as the NIH absorbs another 2 percent budget cut on top of the 5 percent one this fiscal year’.

“It is so unimaginable that I would be in a position of somehow saying that this country is unable to see the rationality of covering what biomedicine can do,” Collins said, in an interview with The Huffington Post. “But I’m not sure from what I see right now that rationality carries the day.”

‘The real-world implications of irrationality, Collins added, are quite grave’.

‘His most vivid example is the flu vaccine, which he says could be as close as five years away from discovery’.

‘NIH officials are working to insulate that program from budget cuts. But sequestration will, at the very least, mean that research goes slower than it could’.

“If you want to convert this into real meaningful numbers, that means people are going to die of influenza five years from now because we don’t yet have the universal vaccine,” he said.

“And God help us if we get a worldwide pandemic that emerges in the next five years, which takes a long time to prepare a vaccine for. If we had the universal vaccine, it would work for that too’.

“The clock’s been ticking on the potential of the next eruption of a pandemic outbreak from South Asia or wherever. And we’ve gotten lucky so far [that it hasn’t happened]. But are we going to stay lucky? So, how can you justify doing anything other than pulling out all the stops in that kind of circumstance? And yet we’re prevented from doing so.”
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Sequester Saturday – ‘Thanks To Budget Cuts, The Forest Service Is Out Of Money To Fight Wildfires’






‘The Forest Service’s wildfire fighting budget was slashed by $115 million by automatic, across-the-board sequester cuts that went into effect earlier this year’.

‘The U.S. Forest Service has nearly depleted its budget for fighting wildfires at the peak of wildfire season’.

‘As of Wednesday, the agency was down to $50 million after spending $967 million this year on fighting wildfires’.

‘So far in 2013, 33,000 wildfires have burned in the Western U.S., spanning 5,300 square miles and destroying 960 homes and 30 commercial buildings’.

‘This year is the second consecutive year and the sixth year since 2002 that the Forest Service has had to divert funds for fighting fires’.

‘In addition, a wildfire reserve fund created in 2009, known as the FLAME Act has dropped from $413 million in 2010 to $299 million this year after sequestration’.

‘These cuts come as costs to fight wildfires each year are soaring: during the 1990s, the federal government spent less than $1 billion a year fighting wildfires, but since 2002, it’s spent a yearly average of more than $3 billion’.
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