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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Oil Billionaire Recommends Draconian Population Control Over Increasing Renewable Energy’

big oil

Profits above people….

This is what’s called a failure of imagination. Not being able to see or think past today. So rather then imagine possibilities…..we’ll just control the size of the population and that will make our oil supplies last longer.

We don’t need alternatives.

‘Oil billionaire Harold Hamm sat down for an interview a few days ago with the National Journal’s Amy Harder’.

‘Hamm’s company, Continental Resources, controls the most drilling rights in the Bakken and Three Forks oil fields in the Dakotas and Montana’.

‘Of course Hamm, who was an advisor to Mitt Romney and who was ranked by Forbes as the 90th richest person in the world, spent a lot of time during the interview defending big oil and the subsidies oil companies receive from the federal government (“I need them [subsidies] to refine our oil,” he says at one point.)’.

‘As one might expect, Hamm is not a fan of the Obama administration’s energy policies. When asked about them, he said ‘:

“I think there has just been a bias against fossil fuels…It would be very, very good if we didn’t have a government that was intent on putting us out of business. They don’t like oil and gas. They don’t like fossil fuels. They want to end us”.

‘A curious comment coming from someone like Harold Hamm, who certainly has to know that domestic oil production is up under President Obama’.

‘But the most interesting part of the interview came when Hamm was asked about renewable energy. After observing that he doesn’t “listen to [President Obama] a whole lot,” Hamm offered a rather unusual suggestion for reducing the need to develop renewable energy sources’:

“Overpopulation—that probably hurts the environment more than anything”.

“Are we going to provide rules to stop overpopulating areas in Africa? Middle Eastern countries? Probably should. China did. Stop overpopulating areas with people. Should we in the U.S.? Maybe we should think about that, if we’re truly concerned about that. Overpopulation is probably the biggest concern for the environment”.

“More people, more energy”.

‘So there you have it. A leading Republican donor and energy advisor advocates population control; not just in those dusty little third world countries, but here in the good ol’ U.S of A’.
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