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Blog Running – ‘One Solution To Blogger Burnout’


Good article by Ed Kilgore.

For myself, blogging is never more important then my family, friends….my life.

I inform myself, pass on bits and pieces that I find interesting, stick to my principles of being Liberal and then move on with my life.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”
‘Don Williams, Jr. (American Novelist and Poet)

‘The progressive blogosphere is—pun not intended—a-Twitter with the news of one of its most respected members, Grist’s Dave Roberts, announcing he was taking a year off to avoid burnout. His explanation resonated deeply with a lot of political writers and gabbers’:

“I spend each day responding to an incoming torrent of tweets and emails. I file, I bookmark, I link, I forward, I snark and snark and snark. All day long. Then, at night, after my family’s gone to bed and the torrent has finally slowed to a trickle and I can think for more than 30 seconds at a stretch, I try to write longer, more considered pieces”.

“I enjoy every part of this: I enjoy sharing zingers with Twitter all day; I enjoy writing long, wonky posts at night. But the lifestyle has its drawbacks. I don’t get enough sleep, ever. I don’t have any hobbies. I’m always at work. Other than hanging out with my family, it’s pretty much all I do — stand at a computer, immersing myself in the news cycle, taking the occasional hour out to read long PDFs. I’m never disconnected”.

“It’s doing things to my brain”.

“I think in tweets now. My hands start twitching if I’m away from my phone for more than 30 seconds. I can’t even take a pee now without getting “bored.” I know I’m not the only one tweeting in the bathroom. I’m online so much that I’ve started caring about “memes.” I feel the need to comment on everything, to have a “take,” preferably a “smart take.” The online world, which I struggle to remember represents only a tiny, unrepresentative slice of the American public, has become my world. I spend more time there than in the real world, have more friends there than in meatspace”.

‘So Dave’s bailing for a year on Labor Day, when he’ll unplug, get in shape, and maybe write a novel. I am curious about what his re-entry will be like. Baseball great Jim Palmer was once asked how a pitcher can get over a sore arm, and he replied: “Take a year off. And then retire.”

‘All full-time political scribblers and gabbers fear burnout these days, and have different coping mechanisms’.

‘Mine is to take “weekends off” seriously. Others take long vacations or develop hobbies a million miles psychologically away from the day job. In other professions, people plan their retirements; in political journalism (other than in a few privileged pockets), “retirement” in the conventional sense is rarely in the cards. But we get by, and will follow Dave’s experiment with fond good wishes and more than a little envy’.
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One thought on “Blog Running – ‘One Solution To Blogger Burnout’

  1. Sherry on said:

    most people just stop blogging. I cut back from 6 to 2 a week. Unless I have something I MUST say. I try to do more editorializing and less “news”. Everybody can find it now. Some say that blogging is dying off. I dunno. (PS. I may have to steal that Capt. Jack pic on the sideboard. He is my personal hero. ) hehe..

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