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‘Coffee With Cathy’ – Washington State’s Republican US Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers

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And on the third week of Congress in recess…..Cathy is eager to talk to voters in town halls….or maybe not.

No events are currently scheduled. Please continue to check back often
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‘It is an honor to represent Washington’s Fifth Congressional District. Though the issues of Eastern Washington change from year to year, the roots never change’.

‘I am working to preserve the mission of Fairchild Air Base, help military families, bring a medical school to Eastern Washington and support our farmers and wineries’.

‘There are serious challenges facing our country. Our federal debt is over $16 trillion, we need to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources, and our economy is still struggling to create jobs. Though the task is large, I am determined to tackle these issues as your Congresswoman’.

‘Thanks you for getting involved in our campaign. As always, if you have questions or comments, you can contact our staff at
Because I realy don’t want to talk to you in person’.
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Republicans 2016 – ‘Rand Paul: Supreme Court should review NSA programs

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But it’s the President that “fundamentally misunderstands the constitutional separation of powers” according to Senator Rand Paul.

Senator Rand Paul on the Supreme Courts decision on Obamacare :

“Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional. While the court may have erroneously come to the conclusion that the law is allowable, it certainly does nothing to make this mandate or government takeover of our health care right,” Sen. Paul said’
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‘Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Sunday called for a Supreme Court review of the constitutionality of the National Security Agency’s top-secret surveillance programs, arguing that congressional hearings and new safeguards announced by President Obama might not be sufficient to ensure privacy rights’.

‘Paul blasted the administration in light of the revelation, saying President Obama “fundamentally misunderstands the constitutional separation of powers.”
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teabagger Alert!! – ‘WATCH: This Crowd Cheering A Little Girl’s Dad Being Deported Should Terrify The GOP’


A little girl asks this Republican US Representative ‘what can she do’ to stop her dad from being deported………

His answer? ‘We have laws’.

How about changing the laws. How about caring for people.

‘This is exactly the kind of scene that Republicans are afraid of’.

‘A young girl at a town hall meeting asks Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) what he will do about her undocumented father, who could be deported’.

‘DesJarlais — a Tea Party backbencher who has only really gotten attention because the anti-choicer reportedly asked his mistress(es) to choose abortion(s) — was tactful and kind as he spoke these words:

“Thank you for being here and thank you for coming forward and speaking. This is a big intimidating crowd and I appreciate you coming forward, but the answer still kind of remains the same, that we have laws and we need to follow those laws and that’s where we’re at.”

‘He was telling her that her father would have to be deported because we have laws. That’s the standard anti-reform answer’.

‘But what happened next is why this video is going viral’.

‘The crowd cheered’.

‘The crowd cheered the separation of a child from her father’.
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One Man’s Trash…… – ‘Bill Kristol: Palin can ‘resurrect herself’ with Alaska Senate run’

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If she actually served all 6 years…….which she won’t and can’t.

Not enough attention.

To Palin, politics means money.

And if she decides to run, she will be asked over and over until she admits she quit because she wanted to make more money and be famous.

After that comes the stupid things she has said.

And there is no answer for them……

Republicans will elect her.

Intelligent people will laugh at her and tell her to go back chasing her ’15 minutes of fame’.


“I think the way Palin would possibly resurrect herself — if that’s the right word or rehabilitate herself, I think is a better way of putting it — run for Senate in Alaska in 2014,” he continued. “I’m not urging that. I’m just saying, if I were her adviser, I would say, ‘Take on the incumbent, you have to win a primary, then you have to beat an incumbent Democrat, it’s not easy.’”

“But if she did that, suddenly — if you can imagine that,” Kristol added, smiling. “Sarah Palin, freshman senator, January 2015 in Washington having beaten an incumbent. That would be pretty interesting.”
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Another reminder … what are they????

This is one of those things that flys way, way under the radar yet can and willl cause huge damage.
This is our ‘food chain’.

It Is What It Is

Another reminder ... what are they????

64 countries already label GMOs.

Right now, Washington shoppers, or any others in the USA, don’t know which items contain GMO ingredients because they’re not labeled.

To learn more about GMOs, and why you should vote Yes on 522 here:

‪#‎LabelGMOs‬ ‪#‎RightToKnow‬ ‪#‎GMOs


We ALL are ONE!! We ALL fight the fight!!!

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