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Sunday Picks – The Pre Season


First of all the only sport I actually watch and
enjoy is Golf.

Football I’ll end up watching maybe 2 games total
time all year.

When a ‘sport’ has a opening kickoff and then goes
to commercial break……Yeah. Speed it up. That
and when the police blotter has the latest update
on your favorite player….it’s time to stop

So why do I do Sunday Picks.

It’s a challenging diversion.

My goal every year is to get to 66% or better.

Last year?
Regular season
Total 154 – 100
So for the year = 60%
Crapy year.

So this years Preseason Picks :

NFC East I like the Giants with Philly and Vick making a good challenge.

NFC North – Green Bay.

NFC South – New Orleans.

NFC West – Seattle and San Fran fighting it out with Seattle coming out on top.

NFC Champ – Seattle but New Orleans as a possible.

AFC East New England with Miami making a strong run.

AFC North – Baltimore.

AFC South – Houston.

AFC West – Denver.

AFC Champ – Houston or Baltimore.

National Football Conference
NY Giants
Won 1
Over the years I’ve really come to hate the NFC
East cause every time you pick a team that should
win – they lose.
Giants – Way too soon and really you have to wait
until December. But I like them to finish 1 or 2.

Won 1
RG3 won’t be running like last year so I pick
Washington to be 3rd or 4th.

Won 1
If Vick is going to have ‘a year’, this is it. 1st
or 2nd behind NYG.

1-0-0 Lost 2
Wouldn’t surprise me to see them at the bottom.

Green Bay
Won 1
I like them to finish 1….again. Rodgers is
running out of years fast and needs this one to

Won 1
2nd …again.

Lost 1
Great QB….fair rest of the team.

Lost 2
10,000 Lakes and just as many problems.

New Orleans
Won 2
Their ‘D’ is their only weakness.

Lost 1
The bottom.

Lost 2
Better fix your defense…fast.

Tampa Bay
Lost 2
See Atlanta.

Won 2
Much, much improved. Still 2nd or 3rd.

Won 2
Paying Percy Harvin 25 million guarantee was a
joke. Racking up 71 points in 2 games is serious.
How will they play on the road?

San Francisco
Won 1
Will be battling Sea. all year for #1.

St. Louis
Lost 2
So much promise on this team but with Arz.
raising…could be the bottom again.
American Football Conference
Won 2
It’s always a race as to which gives out first –
the offense or the defense. 3rd.

New England
Won 2
Still the cream of the crop but watch out for

NY Jets
Won 1
Get a great running back to take the pressure off
of Sanchez and this would be a great team. As it is

Lost 1
How they play against NE will settle the year. #1
or #2.

Won 2
They have an offense but still #3.

Won 2
Will challenge but #3.

Won 2
Will the ‘fire sale’ they had, they shouldn’t be
racking up 71 points. Have to wait till the regular
season but either #1 or #3.

Lost 1
A hard year for ‘Steel Town’.

Won 2
I like them for #1.

Lost 1
Luck is not Peyton. Battle Tenn for 2nd.

Lost 2
Could be the worst team in football.

Lost 2
2nd or 3rd.

Lost 1
If Peyton is going to make a run at a QB with a
Super Bowl win in both Leagues, this is the year.

Lost 1
Better then last year but…..

San Diego
Lost 2
Rivers should have moved.

Kansas City
Lost 2
Also better then last year but……

The Republican ‘War On Voting’ – ‘THE DEMS RALLY THEIR LEGIONS OF HATERS FOR 2014’

repubs strealing electuions

Yeah. Those Democrats are the ‘haters’ trying to ‘steal’ elections….


@ :

‘North Carolina Voter ID Bill Passes In State’s GOP-Dominated House’
@ :

‘A License to Vote? GOP Lawmakers Push Voter IDs’
@ :

‘Voter ID Law A ‘Solution In Search Of A Problem’? Watchdogs Find Little Evidence Of Fraud’
@ :

‘Oppose Voter ID Legislation – Fact Sheet’
@ :


‘This email arrived yesterday from MoveOn, whose communications are generally indistinguishable from those of the Democratic Party. The subject line was “New York Times stunner.”

‘Republicans are trying to steal control of the U.S. Senate by making it harder to vote’.

‘Pitch in to help defend the right to vote and stop Republicans from stealing the 2014 election’.

‘This plea requires a certain chutzpah, as stealing elections at the polls has always been a Democratic specialty’.
From :

A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Bogus Study Tries to Scare “Young Invincibles” Away from Obamacare’

rfepubs scare young on health care

NOT signing up for the ACA is believing in the Republican Health Care Plan – ‘Don’t Get Sick’.

Dear Mr Ron Paul……The population of the US in 1960 was 179 Million. Today it’s 316 Million.
There are 137 Milliuon more Americans now then in 1960.
If middle class incomes were going up, we might be able to help but in 1970 – ‘income that went to the middle class was 62 percent…. by 2010, the middle class garnered 45 percent’.(1)
Either raise the minimum wage or promote a National Health Care plan.
But don’t just say ‘Freedom means you’re on your own’.

‘Conservative pundits, think tanks and bloggers are cheering a new analysis which claims to show “Why the ‘Young Invincibles’ Won’t Participate in the ObamaCare Exchanges.”

‘Even with the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies to help uninsured Americans purchase coverage, David Hogberg of the National Center for Public Policy Research argues, three million young adults ages 18 to 34 will be $1,000 better off if they forgo insurance and pay the penalty’.

‘With the Obama administration needing 2.7 million of them to enroll in order to offset the cost of insuring older, sicker adults, Hogberg concludes, the Affordable Care Act is headed for a “death spiral.”

‘For conservatives committed to sabotaging Obamacare, that prospect is generating a near-orgasmic response. Unfortunately for them, Hogberg is telling only half of the story. While he lays out the costs for young adults obtaining health insurance in 2014, he predictably leaves out the benefits if they actually get sick’.

From the Commonwealth Fund :
“In 2011, 13.7 million young adults ages 19 to 25 stayed on or joined their parents’ health plans, including 6.6 million who would likely not have been able to do so before passage of the Affordable Care Act”.

“Nearly two of five (39%) young adults ages 19 to 29 went without health insurance at some time in 2011, and more than one-third (36%) had medical bill problems or were paying off medical debt”.

“Of those who reported problems with medical bills or debt, many faced serious financial consequences such as using all of their savings (43%), being unable to make student loan or tuition payments (32%), delaying education or career plans (31%), or being unable to pay for necessities such as food, heat, or rent (28%)…”

“The amount of medical debt was often substantial”.

“One-quarter of young adults who were paying off medical debt owed $4,000 or more, and 15 percent reported $8,000 or more in debt”.

“Among those with a gap in coverage during the year who were paying off debt, 31 percent had $4,000 or more of medical debt, 21 percent had $8,000 or more, and 11 percent had $10,000 or more”.
Article From :

Commonwealth Fund :


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