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Republicans 2016 – ‘WATCH: Rand Paul’s Terrible Obamacare Answer On The Daily Show’

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This guy is a doctor and he doesn’t understand the basic difference between health care and insurance.

He also thinks profits are more important the people.

‘Over the past few weeks, Rand Paul has racked up an impressive list of things he doesn’t understand, including Abraham Lincoln, why people like Medicare, the deficit and reality’.

‘You can now add Obamacare to that list, along with health care in general — even though he is an ophthalmologist’.

‘When the senator visited The Daily Show this week, host John Oliver asked Paul to do something he apparently has never had to do before: defend his opposition to the Affordable Care Act’.

‘Paul engaged in exactly the kind of misinformation the right is trafficking in to dissuade people from actually signing up for coverage when open enrollment begins on October 1’.

“You have a young audience and you tell them ‘Oh you must buy insurance,’” he said. “But they say ‘but I only make $30,000 a year and your insurance now costs $15,000. So how is that mandate going to work?’ I have employees for a small business and there is no insurance. How can they buy insurance if they make $30,000 and insurance costs $15,000?”

‘Well, good thing insurance won’t cost $15,000 or even near half that. How do we know this 100 percent for sure’?

‘By law — yes, the Affordable Care Act — it can’t’.

‘At $30,000 a year, buying insurance on your own through an exchange, you can’t pay more than 8.37 percent of your income, or $2,512, for health insurance. And in the worst-case scenario where you become sick and need to see a doctor often, you won’t spend more than $6,350 a year out of your own pocket’.

‘Rand Paul could have used the real numbers if he’d visited the Kaiser Foundation’s Subsidy Calculator’.
See :

‘But making up his own Randian reality is the senator’s specialty’.
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5 thoughts on “Republicans 2016 – ‘WATCH: Rand Paul’s Terrible Obamacare Answer On The Daily Show’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. The Republicans’ lies work because the media pick up their lies as the media’s talking points. The media perpetuate the lies. Why do you think people still believe Al Gore said that he had invented the Internet?

    • And especially with something like Obamacare, the talking point is easier to say then Obamacare is to explain.
      People like simple.
      Doesn’t say a lot about our society.

  3. Reblogged this on The Pardu's Scroll and commented:
    As good as it gets…from The Last of the Millenniums

  4. This is a really neat piece..The Pardu

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