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‘WATCH: Republican Congressman Eloquently Explains In 90 Seconds Why His Party Shouldn’t Shut Down The Government’

governmanet shutdown

Sadly for Rep. Cole, while his party the Republicans are in the Majority in the House, he is in the minority in being intelligent and rational.

The House, energized by the town halls and fearful of being primaried by far right wing nuts, will vote to fund Government except for Obamacare.

They will shut down the Government.

Republicans. Hate, Fear and Loathing are not policies.

Or try unless you and I and every intelligent person in America calls them on this.

PAULS VALLEY, Oklahoma — ‘Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) gave a powerful rebuke to those in his party calling for a government shutdown at a town hall on Friday, defending the vital role that public employees play in society’.

‘CONSTITUENT: “If you fund the government with everything except [Obamacare], Democrats are going to yell and scream all that, “the Republicans are shutting the government down!” […] You can take it to the American people, they will support it”.

‘COLE: […] “We’ll see what happens in September when we get back, but my instinct is, you won’t win that fight. It won’t be popular. Never polls popular”.

“What do you tell the people you’re inconveniencing”?

“Most of the people that argue this point are not thinking, why would you shut down the National Weather Center that just saved a whole lot of lives in central Oklahoma by giving us 16 minutes of warning instead of two”.

“Why would you put 15,000 families — that’s families — out of work at Tinker Air Force Base”.

“There are four million important national defense workers. Why would you go to Sulphur, where there are guys in their 80s and 90s who gave this country everything they possibly had in its darkest moment, and say, “sorry, there’s not going to be anybody here showing up to fix your meals or look after you or do the commitments we made.”

“I don’t think it’s smart politics”.

“Anytime you hurt millions of people, and inconvenience tens of millions more, I don’t think you usually achieve your end. I think they wonder why you did that to them”.
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3 thoughts on “‘WATCH: Republican Congressman Eloquently Explains In 90 Seconds Why His Party Shouldn’t Shut Down The Government’

  1. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. Finally, a Republican who makes sense. Unfortunately, if he keeps making sense like that, he’s going to get primaried and will be replaced by yet another nutcase.

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