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‘Stories From The Fringe : ‘Bill Cosby confirms “I’m 83 and Tired” email is a fake’

bill cosby

While I take a couple of days off to rest the brain and body, I thought I’d throw out a couple of the most viewed posts I’ve had over the last year and a half.


‘Stories From The Fringe : ‘Bill Cosby confirms “I’m 83 and Tired” email is a fake’

A lot of people at work ‘live’ off of forwarded E mails like this that they get.

I have never, ever heard one of them say “Oh and I checked it out and guess what? It’s a lie”.

This was, according to Snopes, started by some State Senator from Mass.

Bad in and of itself.

Worse is anyone repeating it without checking it out.

Disgusting and lacking of any moral values and integrity.

“I’m 83 and tired,” Bill Cosby purportedly proclaims in a long post being circulated via Facebook and email’.

‘But as it turns out, the words aren’t his, and that’s not even his correct age’.

‘The acting legend has confirmed via his website that the screed, which paints him as selfish and intolerant, is a fake. In earlier iterations the message was entitled “I’m 76 and tired,” also not Cosby’s correct age’.

‘The ten paragraph rant, penned by an unknown individual and falsely credited to Cosby in an apparent attempt to portray as being a political conservative, takes shots at everything from welfare programs to the Muslim religion’.

“There’s an email floating around – entitled ‘I’m 76 and tired’ – purportedly sent by me. I did not write the email, I did not send the email, I’m not 76, and I don’t subscribe to the ugly views expressed in the email. We are coming up to an important anniversary on Sunday, which is a day when we should all come together. Whoever wrote this email is not thinking about our country, or what is important. If you get the email, it’s time to hit DELETE.”
From :

Bill Cosby’s site :


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