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Gun Nuts Out Of Control – The Story Continues – ‘Petition Calls For The National Guard To Disarm Militia Holding One Pennsylvania Town Hostage’


‘Following a public meeting in the Borough of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, in which armed supporters of the infamous Police Chief Mark Kessler blocked members of the community from entering the building, citizens have created a We The People Petition at calling for federal intervention in the town’.

The petition : ‘Federalize the Pennsylvania National Guard and disarm the Gilberton, Pennsylvania Chief of Police and his thugs’.
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‘The petition asks for the National Guard to disarm the suspended police chief and his followers, who call themselves the “Constitution Security Force.”

‘Rather than fire Kessler, however, the council chose to place him on a thirty-day suspension. Chief Kessler has already cost the town of Gilberton over $15,000, after a councilman won a lawsuit against him and two other local officials following an incident where he was arrested and strip searched in retaliation for a political speech’.

‘One possible reason the Borough council may not be taking steps to fire Kessler is that officials may fear retaliation from him or his supporters’.

‘Additionally, because Kessler is the head of the police force in this small borough, it is unlikely that members of Kessler’s militia will be arrested, even after their illegal activities at the public meeting in early August’.

‘While the state of Pennsylvania did dispatch helicopters to the public meeting, no further action against the militia has been taken by state officials either’.
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8 thoughts on “Gun Nuts Out Of Control – The Story Continues – ‘Petition Calls For The National Guard To Disarm Militia Holding One Pennsylvania Town Hostage’

  1. Reblogged this on American Liberal Times and commented:
    O.K. folks – – listen up please!
    It is my considered opinion that as more Right Wingers are able to get more political control in These United States, stories like this one revealed on “The Last Of The Millenniums” will become more and more commonplace.
    I don’t believe today’s American Conservatism is anywhere near the noble cause it was at one time in our History but I believe modern American Conservatism has started becoming more and more extreme and I really fear for the future if the nutwads are ever able to gain permanent control.
    It is stories like this that reconfirm my absolute determination to vote against anything that even smacks of “Conservatism” whenever and wherever I am able to do so.
    (Comment above by John at American Liberal Times Blog).

  2. John has expressed the feeling of many in an excellent way. My thoughts exactly!

  3. This is not logical thinking …. how can a town support an overtly unbalanced, biased, violent and insulting police chief?! Guess one has to be there to understand ….. It doesn’t seem right to me from the outside!

    Take a look at these petitions … and consider signing them. Maybe some people in that town may be grateful …


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Borough of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, Police Chief Mark Kessler ….. they are it again. How can some people not realize when they are being morons and idiots? Oh ….. because they can, they ARE morons and idiots!! And to film and upload to youtube? The ultimate need to have the spotlight on him!! IDIOT …..

  5. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™.

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  7. We are told that terrorism is Al-Queda and the Taliban, and it is; but it is also domestic, born in the USA, with a far-right ideology. The right wing-dings have been the spoiled brats of American politics for TOO DAMN long. Are we NOW gonna put a stop to this crap? HUH?

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