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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘RNC Says No Debates If NBC and CNN Don’t Pull Clinton Movies’


‘The Republican National Committee has a message for NBC and CNN: If they don’t pull their planned Hillary Clinton miniseries and movie, no RNC partnered 2016 debates for them’.
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Oh my bad. I seem to have posted the story of the Fall 2012 (right in the middle of the Presidential election) promotion by FOX (cough) ‘news’ of the anti Obama film ‘2016: Obama’s America.

So today’s Conservative lesson is : Republicans can trash Democrats even during an election but at no time can Democrats trash Republicans – even 3 years from an election over an undeclaired candidate.

From August 27, 2012
‘This afternoon on Fox News’ America Live, correspondent Trace Gallagher reported on the “surprise” box-office success of Dinesh D’Souza’s new anti-Obama film, 2016: Obama’s America, noting that the film “had to rely on word of mouth, talk radio, plus cable news to get exposure.”

‘Gallagher was right: D’Souza and his film have thus far received nothing but positive promotion from Fox News and Fox Business hosts despite its factual inaccuracies and dishonesty’.

‘D’Souza has appeared on Fox networks five times in a month and a half to promote the movie and its companion book, Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream’.

‘Those appearances were on July 17, 2012 (Hannity), July 27, 2012 (Lou Dobbs Tonight), August 13, 2012 (Hannity), August 14, 2012 (Lou Dobbs Tonight), and August 20, 2012 (The O’Reilly Factor)’.

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