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‘Navy Refuses to Track Money, Just Because’

military spending

But Republicans want us to increase military spending!!

‘In an effort to provide some consistency and ensure that precious pennies are spent wisely, each of the military branches is due to improve oversight to modern accounting standards by 2017, according to a report by the Center for Public Integrity’.

‘Part of the Navy’s effort involved the installation of a system to “keep track of its finances and resources, including inventories, readiness, vessels, aircraft, and spare parts” and produce reports that can be audited’.

‘The system cost about $870 million, according to a report from the Pentagon Inspector General, and was supposed to replace a multitude of older systems’.

‘Here’s the problem, according to the IG’s findings: The Navy isn’t using that expensive computer system’.

‘About $416 billion in military equipment assets – 85 percent of the total – aren’t being tracked by the new “enterprise resource planning” tool’.

‘Why not? Because the Navy hasn’t changed its ways, according to the IG: “… Office of Financial Operations officials did not reengineer the business process to record military equipment assets in the Navy ERP system and did not use the asset management functionality for military equipment asset management in the Navy ERP system.”
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