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The Day in a Picture (or two) (GRINS!)

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‘Study: Medicare For All Would Save Half-Trillion In First Years’

single payer health care1


single payer health care

THIS….is what we should have done.

Simpler….Easier…..Less scary to Republicans.

Oh they still would have gone off the ‘socialism’ deep end but at lest it’s easier to explain to them.

Well most of them.

Ok some of them.

‘Upgrading the nation’s Medicare program and expanding it to cover people of all ages would yield more than a half-trillion dollars in efficiency savings in its first year of operation, enough to pay for high-quality, comprehensive health benefits for all residents of the United States at a lower cost to most individuals, families and businesses’.

‘That’s the chief finding of a new fiscal study by Gerald Friedman, a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst’.

‘There would even be money left over to help pay down the national debt, he said.Friedman says his analysis shows that a nonprofit single-payer system based on the principles of the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, H.R. 676, introduced by Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., and co-sponsored by 45 other lawmakers, would save an estimated $592 billion in 2014’.

‘That would be more than enough to cover all 44 million people the government estimates will be uninsured in that year and to upgrade benefits for everyone else’.
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Stories From The Fringe….Freaks – ‘Obama Photo Used As Target In Dart Game At Otsego County Fair In New York’

photos at fair

‘President Barack Obama’s image is being used as a target in a dart game at the Otsego County Fair in Morris, New York’.
From :

To contact the fair organizers :

Otsego County Fair Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 469
Morris, NY 13808
(607) 263-5289

A ‘fair’ should be a family event. Throwing darts at a picture of the President represents why our Nation’s values are declining.


Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Speaking Republican’


Some great stuff over at Addicting Info.

‘How can you fight back against conservatives and their backward policies when nothing they say ever makes any sense whatsoever? When their words never seem to mean what you think they mean — which is most of the time — this guide to speaking Republican comes in handy’.

Some examples (many more at the link).

‘Activist Judges: Liberal or centrist state and federal judges whose decisions support civil rights, reproductive choice, consumer rights, and corporate accountability. The term does not apply to conservative judges whose decisions undermine civil rights, reproductive choice, consumer rights, and corporate accountability’.

‘American: (See Real American)’.

‘Bible: The infallible word of God, who said everything He wanted to say to a bunch of bearded misogynist warlords in flowing robes thousands of years ago, then sent His son Jesus Christ to take it all back, and hasn’t been heard from since. Which is why we need right-wing zealots to tell us what God really meant. For example, it’s still okay to hate gays, but we don’t get to stone women to death for being harlots … yet (see God, Jesus Christ)’.

‘Business: Everything that’s good about the United States of America. Unlike “Big Government,” businesses are extremely efficient and cost-conscious due to decades of skimming billions off the top to enrich their top brass and shareholders (see Corporations)’.

‘Business-Friendly: Anything that does not require accountability, transparency, fair wages, consumer rights, non-discrimination in hiring/promoting, and/or environmentally responsible business practices (see Anti-Business)’.

‘Entitlements: Stuff you aren’t entitled to, even though you pay for them with your taxes or financial contributions: Like earned benefits, food, housing, education, healthcare, and other ridiculous luxuries taken for granted in all the other modernized and wealthy — and some not-so-wealthy — nations’.

‘Europe: (See Communism)’.

‘Facts: Liberally-biased, doesn’t watch Fox News (see Fox News)’

‘Pensions: Worker “entitlements” that they aren’t really entitled to — even though they paid for them — and which should be looted by corporations and Wall Street (see Entitlements)’

‘Personal Responsibility: A facile justification for not helping anyone, because when bad things happen to people, it’s their own fault’.

‘Poor: Moochers’.
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Gun Nuts Gone Wild – ‘Armed Militia Holding Pennsylvania Town Hostage’


I’ve posted about this idiot before :

‘Kessler was recently given a thirty day suspension, for using police property as props in a video where he threatens and insults “libtards,” otherwise known as people who hold political views which differ from his own’.

‘On August 1st, Kessler called on the militia to attend a meeting of the Gilberton Borough Council, where disciplinary actions against Kessler (for the videos) were being discussed’.

‘A State Police helicopter was called to the scene, as more than a hundred armed men and women arrived at the meeting, brandishing AR-15 assault rifles’.

‘Armed members of the militia blocked the doors of the public building where the meeting was held, in order to prevent those who wished to speak from entering. According to the Huffington Post, members of the group’:

“angrily confronted Michael Morrill of Keystone Progress, who delivered petition signatures from 20,000 Americans who want Kessler fired. In an email Morrill told me, “I have been organizing for four decades. I have faced Klansmen in Kentucky, Ustase in Bosnia and police indiscriminately beating demonstrators in Italy. [Wednesday] night in Gilberton was more frightening than any of those situations.”

‘Due to mounting tensions and no doubt, concerns over increasing threats of violence from Kessler and his armed political faction, only a small number of residents were given the chance to speak during the meeting. Of those who did speak, however, many said that they themselves, or members of their families, are living in fear of Kessler and his militia’.

“You know why there’s not more residents here? The threats. That’s why. Because they’re afraid. They’re afraid they’re going to have their windows shot out.” – Lifelong Gilberton resident Rose McCarthy speaking about Police Chief Mark Kessler and his supporters on July 31, 2013′.
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‘Navy Refuses to Track Money, Just Because’

military spending

But Republicans want us to increase military spending!!

‘In an effort to provide some consistency and ensure that precious pennies are spent wisely, each of the military branches is due to improve oversight to modern accounting standards by 2017, according to a report by the Center for Public Integrity’.

‘Part of the Navy’s effort involved the installation of a system to “keep track of its finances and resources, including inventories, readiness, vessels, aircraft, and spare parts” and produce reports that can be audited’.

‘The system cost about $870 million, according to a report from the Pentagon Inspector General, and was supposed to replace a multitude of older systems’.

‘Here’s the problem, according to the IG’s findings: The Navy isn’t using that expensive computer system’.

‘About $416 billion in military equipment assets – 85 percent of the total – aren’t being tracked by the new “enterprise resource planning” tool’.

‘Why not? Because the Navy hasn’t changed its ways, according to the IG: “… Office of Financial Operations officials did not reengineer the business process to record military equipment assets in the Navy ERP system and did not use the asset management functionality for military equipment asset management in the Navy ERP system.”
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – A small minded bigot’s response to people on food stamps


I just couldn’t pass this response up.

I made a post about the House planning on cutting $40 Billion form the SNAP Program and after this guy responded with we should only give away healthy food – I explained that that that would cost more then the current system.

Imagine having so much hate and ignorance about people on food stamps.

People like children, retired elderly, working poor, disabled Veterans…..

This is his response to that…….

“One shouldn’t profile, but it is easy at the grocery checkout. The obese female with a cart full of junkfood will probably whip out her snap card to pay for it. So will the 18 year old with three kids. Then as you are loading your groceries into your 20 year old car, you see them driving off in a newer car with $2k rims”.

“It’s nice of you to care about the starving. You and people like you should chip in and do something about it. I don’t like having my money stolen by government force to also chip in. I don’t want to subsidize churches or non-profits who feed the poor, by giving them tax exemptions, which means I have to make up those taxes. People who want to help should do it with their own funds, or get those they help to chip in with labor, etc”.

“As far as kids getting food stamp benefits, they likely wouldn’t need help if we did away with the welfare state. Their mothers keep pumping out kids because it has become profitable, from snap, section 8, to outright cash from earned income credits. I say let the laws of Darwin work. Mothers who can’t afford kids will wait to have them until they can. They will better their lives so they can them, and if they already have kids, will make sure their kids don’t end up the same. Instead, we create generation after generation of poverty because we enable them… Somebody really poor and hungy won’t waste their own money on junkfood, as it is usually 7 ounces for $5, when that could get you five punds of chicken that can feed you for a week. Because you didn’t buy those chips, you have a little left for the gas. We already limit what you can buy with snap. Not letting you buy junkfood only takes a few strokes on the keyboard. I bet if we audited the program, you too would agree most of the stuff being bought is irresponsible, and the truely starving would never buy it”.

“As for distribution, government used to hand out government food. So they already dealt with the issues you discussed. When they were handing out food, the participation rate was a fraction of today. It was still a handout to farmers, but not the multi-billion one of today…. A better way would be to just make a list of items and have each store come up with a basket including those. Or have a list that the recipient has to pick out their own from the shelves. But you limit it to healthy things like “4 16oz cans of kidney beans”, “up to 5 pounds of frozen vegetables, store brand”. We can set limits on foods, brands, sizes, etc. When I say healthy, it doesn’t mean we let the hungry go to Whole Foods and buy organic berries at $12 a pound…. Even after limiting food to healthy stuff, it still has value which those who won’t eat it can instead sell it, and use that money to buy the junkfood they crave. We could increase punishments, or even have recipients have to bring back the upc barcodes from the last items we gave them…”

“I Have A Black Friend”: Move Over Climate Deniers, Here Come Racism Deniers

This is one of standard so called arguments against being called a racist.
Another one is ‘I know more black people then you so I can’t be a racist’.

So much for having a national conversation about race.

Conservative commentators claimed they’d welcome an honest discussion about the thorny issue in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. But within moments last week of President Obama offering up his personal reflection about the trial and how the killing of Trayvon Martin had been viewed within the African-American community, right-wing voices responded with almost feral anger and resentment.

Among those most incensed by Obama’s thoughtful reflections was Jennifer Rubin, who writes for the Washington Post. She called Obama’s comments “disgusting.” Furious at America’s first black president for discussing the topic of race following a passionate trial verdict (he’s “not a good person,” Rubin stressed), the columnist lashed out at Obama for addressing a problem she claimed is no longer even relevant to the American experience.

Lamenting that Obama’s won’t allow people “get out of this racial archaeology,” Rubin claimed

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