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Lies, Damn Lies and Republican Lies – ‘Refreshing Paul Ryan’s bad memory’


Paul Ryan is the perfect example of how the Republican Party has defined itself.

When someone or a political party creates it’s own reality….a reality that is not real….it’s impossible to have an intelligent debate.

‘Looking at the GOP plan, one starts to get the impression that Republicans hold some kind of personal grudge against struggling American families, as evidenced by plans to cut “education grants for poor students and slash Community Development Block Grants to a level below the funding during the Ford administration — and Ford created the block grants’.

‘This, however, was the talking point that rankled’.

“It’s about time we cut some spending around here,” said Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, chairman of the House Budget Committee’.

paul ryan3

‘Ryan doesn’t remember that he used to refer to his own plan to end Medicare as “vouchers.”

‘Ryan doesn’t remember taking credit for the sequestration policy he later condemned’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember learning about Democratic alternatives to the sequester’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember what happened with the 2011 “super committee.”

‘Ryan doesn’t remember Bill Clinton’s tax increases’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember the times he condemned social-insurance programs as “taker” programs’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember all of the times he appealed to the Obama administration for stimulus funds for his congressional district’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember his marathon times’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember how much he was inspired by Ayn Rand’.

‘Ryan doesn’t remember his own speeches’.
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