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Blog Running – ‘MORNING LOL: Where Have All The Republicans Gone’?

missing republican1

The problem with stories like this is that everybody relaxes a bit and just sits back and laughs at the Republicans.

I want and this Country needs a strong, vibrant, intelligent, rational Conservative Party.

We need balance in our Government.

Right now, the Republican party is being lead by irrational, ideological, absolutist, extremists.

So instead of sighing and laughing at all the troubles the Republicans seem to be having….it’s time to hit them even harder.

Hit the Republican Party until the rank and file members shake off their fear of the extremeists and take their Party back.

Then…..and only then will we be able to have intelligent, rational debates over policy and have compromise so that we can have a Government that can govern again.

‘New polling shows a lot of conflicting data with the president’s approval around a two-year low and congressional disapproval at or near an all-time high. But one thing is clear: There are fewer and fewer people identifying as Republicans in America’.

‘While identification with the Democratic Party is just 1 percent or so lower than it was when President Obama was re-elected, Republican Party ID has gone down from 29.1 percent of Americans polled to 23.3 percent’.

missing republicans

‘What could the GOP possibly be doing to alienate people’?

‘Could it be threatening a government shutdown’?

‘Making a hero out of George Zimmerman’?

‘Saying that 99 percent of undocumented young people are drug dealers’?

‘Running a Cheney’?

‘Defining success by all the repeals that they don’t pass’?

‘What do you do when everybody hates Washington, D.C.’?

‘Pretend you don’t work there’.

‘The GOP’s plan for the summer of 2013 is to bash what the nation’s capital represents to most voters, basically acting like they have no connection to it’.

‘Obamacare’s polling numbers have always been complicated by the fact that many Americans would prefer a much more liberal single-payer health care system’.

‘A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll finds that more funding for Obamacare is nearly as popular as repealing the law’:

“Given the choice to either repeal the law, wait and see how it takes effect, or add money to aid its implementation, only 36 percent of adults picked outright repeal. More than half chose to either wait and see (30 percent) or provide more money (27 percent).”

‘There’s lots of talk about how badly Democrats need Hillary Clinton. The same is as or more true for Republicans and Chris Christie’.
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