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Republican Hate, Fear and Loathing – ‘Cruz Missile Lands in Iowa’

ted cruz3

The religious right is coming in the form of Ted Cruz this year.

Last time is was Rick Santorum.Weak and bitter (see his ‘What a snob’ remark.)


Cruz is the strong and angry Bible thumper.

But don’t worry……No one is trying to make us a ‘CHristian Nation’……..

‘In a fiery, Bible-quoting first speech during his first time in Iowa, Republican Ted Cruz called on evangelical conservatives to demand their GOP elected officials actually stand for the conservative principles they pretend to believe in’.

“Belief, saying I believe in something, is not sitting there quietly doing the golf clap,” Cruz told hundreds of Iowa Christian conservative ministers this morning at a private conclave in Des Moines’.

‘This morning, Cruz spoke for nearly an hour at the Iowa Renewal Project, a two-day, all-expenses-paid forum organized by David Lane, a political activist from California who has been quietly mobilizing evangelicals in Iowa for six years’.

‘That’s a bit of an understatement about Lane, a major organizer whom the very well-informed Sarah Posner has described as a “Christian nation absolutist.”

‘Lane is also close to Rick Perry, and organized the trip by Rand Paul (who’s also spoke at the Renewal Project today) to Israel that got so much attention earlier this year’.

‘He’s the heaviest of heavy hitters in the heavy world of Iowa Christian Right leaders’.
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6 thoughts on “Republican Hate, Fear and Loathing – ‘Cruz Missile Lands in Iowa’

  1. Ignoramus ASS-HAT!!

  2. Am I crazy or wasn’t Ted Cruz born in Calgary, Canada and disqualified from becoming president of AMERICA?

  3. Where are the birthers salivating with burning torches held high above their heads paranoid and screaming about his birth certificate?

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