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teabagger Alert!! – ‘Georgia tea party convention stiffs speakers but offers to hold ‘carnival’ to raise funds’

athens georgia tera party

‘According to the Athens Banner-Herald, convention planners expected more than 2,500 attendees for the Liberty Convention, which was held in June’.

‘Instead, a mere 92 people trickled through the doors’.

‘The Athens, Georgia Tea Party Patriots announced that they will be holding a series of fund-raising events in order to pay the $65,000 that the group owes to speakers who appeared at its first ever Liberty Convention’.

‘At a “press conference” on Saturday, which the newspaper described as “actually a lengthy conversation with an Athens Banner-Herald reporter,” Athens-Clarke County Tea Party Patriots chairman Keyantwon Stephens was unable to say specifically what type of fund-raising activities the group might resort to in order to pay its debts’.

‘He touched on the idea of a “community carnival” in passing, but declined to elaborate’.
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2 thoughts on “teabagger Alert!! – ‘Georgia tea party convention stiffs speakers but offers to hold ‘carnival’ to raise funds’

  1. “Community carnival”? Like people wearing funny costumes, yelling outrageous things, doing all kinds of crazy stuff for attention? They mean the Tea Party, right?

    • Yeah. The tea party that drew a whole 92 people to it’s convention wants to have a tea party to pay for the speakers because of the 2,408 people that didn’t show up.

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