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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘The McDonald’s Guide to Living On Its Wages’




‘That McDonald’s. It’s such a sweet New Gilded Age corporation, helping its employees learn how to live on its minimum wage salaries. Above is the sample budget journal’.

‘As Robyn Pennacchia notes, that $1105–that’s assuming a 40-hour workweek’.

‘So McDonald’s is telling you to work another job, adding up to a mere 62 hour workweek if they live in Illinois, that land of moochers and takers’.

’74 hours if they are on the national minimum wage’.

‘Very Gilded Age. And when you work those 62 or 74 hours, you know what you don’t get? Heat’.

‘Where the $20 a month health insurance comes from, unless we are talking Gilded Age solutions of buying a bottle of whiskey to kill pain, I don’t know’.

‘Monthly spending money includes food, gas, and any basic necessities of life. Including heat I guess’.
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2 thoughts on “A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘The McDonald’s Guide to Living On Its Wages’

  1. McDonalds family budget assumes that workers don’t need to buy food, and can just finish the leftover food and drinks after the restaurant patrons.

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