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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – The Republican ‘purge’ continues…. – ‘The Children Lash Out’

republicans only cut spending

When was the last time ANY Republican proposed ANY legislation that would actually DO SOMETHING POSITIVE for America?

This is the only way Republicans seem to feel they can ‘govern’.

Don’t like Planned Parenthood? – Cut Funding.

Don’t like NPR? – Cut Funding.

Don’t like Obamacare? – Cut Funding.

Don’t like the IRS? – Cut funding.

Now intelligent, responsible Representatives would debate and hold hearings to discover the actual (if any) problems and fix them via legislation.

Not Republicans.

They don’t even attempt to solve problems.

Just Cut Funding……..

‘How to be a House Republican, Lesson #174: Constantly accuse President Obama of retaliating against people on his imaginary “enemies list”, then when you get busted for making up the IRS scandal, actually retaliate by cutting the agency’s budget by 24 percent to “send a message”.

‘The House Appropriations subcommittee with IRS jurisdiction cleared a spending measure gutting the tax-collecting agency’s budget next year by 24 percent in fiscal 2014. That $9 billion allocation is 30 percent less than President Barack Obama requested for the agency charged with rolling out his signature health care law’.

‘Rep. Peter Roskam, the chief deputy whip in the House, called the appropriation a “reckoning for the IRS.”

“The IRS has abused power, abused the taxpayer, abused discretion and been unwise and foolish in how they’ve carried out the authority that was delegated to them … and they will be held to account in the appropriations process,” the Illinois Republican said’.
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