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‘Florida Aimed Too High In Zimmerman Prosecution’


My best guess (and guessing what a jury will do is useless) is that Zimmerman might be found guilty of manslaughter.

It will depend on the prosecutors closing arguement.

This : “George Zimmerman alone set in motion the events that led to Trayvon Martin’s death. Once Zimmerman decided to follow the kid, and continued following him, no good ending lay ahead” should have been the case.

But if his closing arguement is as weak as he has presented his case…..Zimmerman will wlak free.

‘The prosecutors of George Zimmerman are taking a drubbing in the media, as well as in the courtroom’.

‘Some of the criticism is well deserved. Lawyers for the state sat there as passively as the spectators, while their own witnesses defanged the case. The words “Objection, your honor!” seldom rang out as Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, roamed far and wide during cross-examination’.

‘Based on the trajectory of last week’s testimony, it’s almost inconceivable that Zimmerman will be convicted of second-degree murder — a charge that should never have been filed in the first place’.

‘The facts in the killing of Trayvon Martin pointed to manslaughter from the beginning, and even then prosecutors would have had their hands full. They might yet persuade the jury to find Zimmerman guilty of that lesser charge, but it will require a deft change of strategy’.

‘In reality what happened that night between the two was likely a chaotic burst of mutual fear and adrenaline’.

‘Martin knew he was being followed by a stranger. And though he’s not here to tell what he was thinking, it’s reasonable to assume that the teen felt threatened. Who wouldn’t’?

‘Equally believable is that the punch or punches Martin threw were meant to end the threat. If he spotted Zimmerman’s gun, it makes perfect sense that he’d try to wrest it away before it could be used against him’.

‘For his part, Zimmerman was undoubtedly scared witless, too. Surely he didn’t expect to end up in a scuffle with the guy he’d been tailing through the subdivision, a person he suspected of being a criminal’.

‘That there was a physical altercation is undisputed. Who initiated it is unknown. In one of his accounts, Zimmerman says Martin jumped out of the bushes and attacked him, the problem with that scenario being the absence of bushes at the scene’.
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2 thoughts on “‘Florida Aimed Too High In Zimmerman Prosecution’

  1. I stopped watching the live drama on TV… even as a non-lawyer, I can tell the prosecution is losing the case. It’s depressing.

    • Very depressing and very unnecessary.
      Just like the defense is hammering on the photos and witness statements that it’s Zimmerman’s voice, the State should have hammered on Zimmerman’s non emergency call especially where the operator says ‘We don’t need you to do that’ and connect that with how and why he confronted Martin and connect that with his statements and his Hannity appearance.
      Show he was the aggressor and an aggressor with a loaded gun.

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