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What Congress Does – ‘Post Office ending Saturday delivery thanks to George W. Bush edict’

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I’ll be honest in that I will not notice when the Post Office stops delivering on Saturdays. I simply don’t use the mail. But regardless my using it or not, if Congress has ‘rigged’ the budgeting so that the Post Office has to fund their retirements up until 2100, then ALL departments should.

Start with the military. In one year, under the same restraints as the Post Office, the Department of Defense would have to fight wars only Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

‘The United States Postal Service has announced it will end Saturday home delivery of postal mail as of this August’.

‘The move is the latest cost cutting effort on the part of the USPS, following a cutback in post office hours over thepast year’.

‘But the postal budgetary issues are not due to revenue shortfalls or a lack of business’.

‘Instead, the cutbacks have been made in a desperate attempt to meet the requirements of the Postal Accountability Enhancement Act, a 2007 law passed by congress and signed into law by then-president George W. Bush’.

‘The law gave the post office ten years to come up with enough money to fund employee retirement plans for the next seventy-five years in advance, nearly all the way to the year 2100’.

‘The only way the USPS has been able to begin setting aside such revenue is to cut back on services and operations now’.

‘The post office has long been a break-even agency, adjusting prices as necessary to ensure that it doesn’t require any taxpayer money to operate, which explains why the cost of a stamp will periodically shift upward a few pennies’.

‘The PAEA law serves no purpose other than to bankrupt the post office now, forcing it to reduce itself to a mere fraction of what it once was, in the name of funding the hypothetical retirements of future employees who haven’t yet been born’.

‘The only entities set to benefit from the law are private delivery companies such as UPS and FedEx, which would gain any business that the post office loses as it cuts back on services’.

‘So why did Bush sign it into law in 2007’?

‘A look into the political contributions of both delivery companies may offer a clue’.

‘According to, in 2004 UPS donated five times as much money to Bush’s reelection campaign as it did to that of his opponent John Kerry’.

‘FedEx went to even more of an extreme, donating seven times as much money to Bush as it did to Kerry’.

‘The delivery companies helped fund Bush’s reelection, and three years later he enacted a law which dealt a body blow to their post office competition’.

‘Why would it benefit Americans to keep the post office around and fully functioning’?

‘Private delivery companies offer the advantage ofshipping a large package across the country overnight guaranteed’.

‘But the post office allows us to mail a letter for less than fifty cents, a task which UPS and FedEx charge about seven dollars for’.

‘If allowed to remain intact, the PAEA legislation will require the post office to continue shrinking its services until there’s little left of the post office, which could leave Americans in for sticker shock when they have to mail their rent check via UPS at a 1400% higher price than they’re accustomed to’.
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5 thoughts on “What Congress Does – ‘Post Office ending Saturday delivery thanks to George W. Bush edict’

  1. Kiterea on said:

    Republicans talk repeatedly about “needless rules and regulation” repressing and stifling private business, but they will burden government agencies with impossible to meet goals then turn around and say, “See, government doesn’t work!”

  2. Jueseppi B. on said:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™.

  3. Beth on said:

    Republicons are and have been, hell-bent on destroying everything since the New Deal because raygun gave them a way to get stupid rich at the expense of all of us. And we were too unconscience to know that. We have just come back to awareness we should have never let slip away!

    • We have also most likely came back to awareness too late. The disparity in incomes, money going beyond influencing to controlling our politics and the geographical/political split over social issues has the Country in the grip of a gridlock that nothing foreseeable will break.
      It’s time to wrap our heads around the idea of not ‘changing’ our economic, political and social courses but limiting the damage so that we can ‘rebuild’ as it were once whatever event happens that does ‘break’ the grip.

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