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‘Texas Miscellany’ from Public Policy Polling

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-‘By a 54/21 margin Texas voters say that they support the Voting Rights Act, including 45/23 even with Republicans’.

‘Only 29% of voters say that they favor the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn parts of the VRA last week, with 45% opposed’.

-‘It’s going to be a while before Texas voters get on board with gay marriage- we find that only 34% of voters in the state support it to 57% who are opposed’.

‘When it comes to employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, only 14% of Texans think that should be an allowable practice compared to 75% who believe it should not. Even among Republicans just 21% believe that’s acceptable to 62% who think it is unacceptable’.

-Looking towards the 2016 Presidential race, Texas voters are a lot more enthusiastic about Ted Cruz than Rick Perry’.

‘27% of Republicans in the state say Cruz would be their top choice for the nomination to 15% for Jeb Bush, 11% for Rand Paul and Chris Christie, and 9% for Paul Ryan’.

‘Perry comes in 6th place at 7%, leading only Marco Rubio at 6%, Rick Santorum at 4%, and Bobby Jindal at 3%’.

‘While a plurality of Republican primary voters (42/39) want Cruz to run in 2016, an overwhelming majority (18/69) do not want Perry to’.

‘When it comes to general election match ups for President in the state Hillary Clinton leads Perry 48/44, but trails the other Republicans we tested by 3-9 points’.

‘She’s down 46/43 to Jeb Bush, 49/44 to Ted Cruz, and 47/38 to Chris Christie’.

-‘It’s a sign of how universal the support for expanded background checks for gun purchases is that even in Texas 72% of voters favor it with only 22% opposed’.

‘There’s strong bipartisan support with majorities of Democrats (89/8), independents (68/30), and Republicans (58/31) all overwhelmingly in favor of them’.
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