The Last Of The Millenniums

Just because it always has been, doesn't mean it always will be

Flawed ‘Health Care’ ends not with a bang….but a whimper…. – ‘ObamaCare employer mandate delayed until after 2014 midterms’


We should have gone for a single payer system. Medicare taken Nationally.

Instead we got Obamacare and now…..not even that until (maybe) 2015.

Is it better then what the Republicans offer which is nothing?


But for all of the political capital it has cost, for all the bumbling on delivering and explaining the plan…..we should have gone for the actual solution…….not a band-aid.

Yoda said it best :


‘Delaying the requirement until 2015 is an enormous victory for businesses that had lobbied against the healthcare law’.

‘It also means that one of healthcare reform’s central requirements will be implemented after the 2014 midterm elections, when the GOP is likely to use the Affordable Care Act as a vehicle to attack vulnerable Democrats’.

‘In a White House blog post, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett wrote that the administration believed it needed to give employers “more time to comply with the new rules.”
From :


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