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Why America Is Failing – ‘How 31,385 People — The 1 Percent Of The 1 Percent — Act As The Political Gatekeepers Of American Politics’


Think about this. Think about how just a few have put so much money into our politics. 31,385 donors vs the population of over 311 Million.

1% of 1%.

‘Winning congressional candidates on average received more money from these 31,385 top donors (17.1 percent) than all of their small donors combined (13 percent)’.

Now think about what those few people want for their money.

‘We The People’?


It’s ‘We the 1% of the 1%’.

‘The Sunlight Foundation took a look at the 2012 election and found that not a single candidate for federal office won without taking a donation from the 31,385 people who make up the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent of American politics’.

‘The median contribution from this group was $26,584 — which is more than the median income of an average American family’.

‘The minimum contribution to be in this group is $13,054 an election — and that number keeps growing’.


‘Sunlight argues that the Citizens United decision, which paved the way for unlimited donations to PACs, is behind the rise — though 87.5 percent did not donate to any PACs at all. Winning congressional candidates on average received more money from these 31,385 top donors (17.1 percent) than all of their small donors combined (13 percent)’.

‘Both major parties benefit from these uber-donors, though they do tend to favor Republicans’.

sunlight 2

So why does this matter?

Lawrence Lessig says it makes for a “corruption” of our democracy, where only .5 percent of Americans truly have a say in how it works’.

‘And there’s no better example of this than how we regulate Wall Street. Lessig writes’:

“The most important architectural feature of Dodd-Frank is that the most important regulations of Dodd-Frank were not actually in the bill. Instead, Dodd-Frank punted the guts of its potential reform to a multi-year regulatory process. Almost 400 rules were to be written by regulators (with the generous aid of lobbyists): a process, which five years after the crisis, has not yet come to an end”.

“It doesn’t take a PhD in game theory to understand what that design was about. By shifting the core of the regulations to a procedure stretched over years and dominated by bank lobbyists, the bankers could minimize the chance that this “change” would actually change anything real—and ensure that public and press attention would drift elsewhere as the new rules were worked out”.

“And that’s precisely what has happened”.
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The Republican ‘War On Voting’ – ‘We Probably Should Riot’

republican war on voting2

A GREAT piece over at Booman Tribune :

‘From Ginsburg’s dissent’:

“All told, between 1982 and 2006, DOJ objections blocked over 700 voting changes based on a determination that the changes were discriminatory…”

“…On top of that, over the same time period the DOJ and private plaintiffs succeeded in more than 100 actions to enforce the §5 preclearance requirements…”

“…In addition to blocking proposed voting changes through preclearance, DOJ may request more information from a jurisdiction proposing a change. In turn, the jurisdiction may modify or withdraw the proposed change. The num­ber of such modifications or withdrawals provides an indication of how many discriminatory proposals are deterred without need for formal objection. Congress received evidence that more than 800 proposed changes were altered or withdrawn since the last reauthorization in 1982”.

‘By my back-of-the-napkin calculations, the areas covered under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act were prevented from enacting approximately 1600 discriminatory voting laws in the 24 years between 1982 and the 2006 reauthorization of the Act. That is 67 discriminatory laws proposed per year, every year, for nearly a quarter century’.

‘Under the new understanding of the law, all of those laws would have gone into effect and most likely had an impact on elections before they could be challenged in court, which isn’t good enough’.

‘Congress also received evidence that litigation under §2 of the VRA was an inadequate substitute for preclearance in the covered jurisdictions. Litigation occurs only after the fact, when the illegal voting scheme has already been put in place and individuals have been elected pursuant to it, thereby gaining the advantages of incumbency’.

‘This is the Republicans’ answer to demographic change’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – The Republican ‘War On Women’ – ‘Iowa Governor Must Personally Decide Whether Each Poor Woman On Medicaid Deserves Abortion Coverage’


war on women1


Terry Branstad

‘Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) has approved a measure to expand his state’s Medicaid program under Obamacare, which will extend health coverage to tens of thousands of his poor residents. But there’s a catch…..’

‘If a woman who gets her health care through Medicaid has an abortion that falls under one of the exceptions in the state’s abortion coverage ban — if she has been a victim of rape or incest, if her fetus has fatal abnormalities that won’t allow it to survive outside the womb, or if her life will be put in danger unless she ends the pregnancy — she’ll need to have her case approved by the governor’s office’.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – Whack-A-Doodle Wednesday – ‘Senator Rand Paul – “Why I’m voting no on immigration reform”

rand paul8

Senator Rand Paul :

“I will be voting no on the Senate’s Gang of Eight immigration bill for one simple reason: because the legislation does not secure the border first”.

Senator John McCain :

‘U.S. Will Have “Most Militarized Border Since The Fall Of The Berlin Wall”.


**’An unprecedented surge of an additional 20,000 Border Patrol agents are deployed, maintained and stationed along the southern border, more than doubling the current force’.

**’The Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy is deployed and operational, which includes, at a minimum, full implementation and activation of the $4.5 billion in specific technology and equipment requested by the Border Patrol to achieve full surveillance of the border’.

**’The Southern Border Fencing Strategy has been implemented, and at least 700 miles of fencing has been completed along the southern border. (There are 350 miles of pedestrian fencing already deployed along the southern border. This amendment would double that and ensure a total of 700 miles of fencing along the border.)’

**’The mandated electronic visa entry/exit system has been fully implemented at all air and sea ports of entry where U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers are currently deployed, which will improve the identification of those who overstay their visas’.
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The IRS ‘scandal’ – ‘IG: Audit of IRS actions limited to Tea Party groups at GOP request’

irs scandal

The actual scandal is Republican Representative Darrell Issa.

‘The Treasury inspector general whose report helped drive the IRS targeting controversy says it limited its examination to conservative groups because of a request from House Republicans’.

‘A spokesman for Russell George, Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration, said they were asked – by House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) – “to narrowly focus on Tea Party organizations.”
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The Republican ‘War On Women’ – TURN TEXAS BLUE! – ‘Filibuster broken against abortion bill’

turn texas blue

Not to worry. All American Governor Rick ‘The Dick’ Perry has said he will call ANOTHER sepcial session to pass the legislation.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — ‘Texas’ Republican lieutenant
governor late Tuesday suspended a senator’s filibuster
against wide-ranging abortion restrictions, but
Democrats moved quickly to appeal the decision and set
off a parliamentary fight over the rules’.

‘Republican Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst halted the
filibuster after determining Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis
had strayed off the topic when she talked about a
sonogram bill passed in 2011 and how the new abortion
restrictions only compounded the anti-abortion laws in

‘Rules stipulate she remain standing, not lean on her
desk or take any breaks — even for meals or to use the
bathroom. But she must also stay on topic, and
Republicans pointed out a mistake and later protested
again when another lawmaker helped her with a back

‘Republican Sen. Donna Campbell called the third point
of order because of her remarks on the sonogram law.
Under the rules, lawmakers can vote to end a filibuster
after three sustained points of order’.

‘If signed into law, the measures would close almost
every abortion clinic in Texas, a state 773 miles wide
and 790 miles long with 26 million people. A woman
living along the Mexico border or in West Texas would
have to drive hundreds of miles to obtain an abortion if
the law passes’.
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‘Gorilla Scares Kids Taunting Him At Dallas Zoo’


I needed to start the day with something ……..different.

If you haven’t seen this……well it helped make my day.

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