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Stories From The Fringe – ‘Fox News host: Zimmerman ‘has already been punished’ with weight gain’




“This is an individual that was trying to do some civic duty by being on the community watch,” Guilfoyle opined. “That was the purpose of why he was there that night.”

“Sure, let’s not forget there’s a reason for a community watch,” Jarrett replied. “Because that’s a community with a need for a watch. Because they’d had problems like this in the past.”

‘Fox News host Gregg Jarrett says that George Zimmerman “has already been punished” for the killing of Trayvon Martin because he “looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds.”

‘During Monday’s coverage of jury selection, Jarrett and Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle observed that Zimmerman had gained weight since his arrest in April 2012’.

“He does look like a different guy,” Jarrett remarked. “It looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds. Look, he has been in hiding and he fears for his life, and there have been all kinds of death threats. And, you know, he can’t go anywhere, can’t get out and get exercise.”

“Probably suffering from stress and anxiety,” Guilfoyle added.

“You eat when you’re under stress and pressure and stuff like that,” Jarrett agreed. “So, you know, he’s already been punished to some extent”.
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Blog Running – ‘The slacker who came in from the cold’


This is a hero?

What this is is a huge blunder by Booz Allen Hamilton (A debate we REALLY need to have) and a ego trip by a wanna be ‘international man of mystery’ and Ron Paul supporter.

It will take a week or two but when we learn more about little Eddy, we will find a loner, con artist that fooled a lot of Americans.

‘Think you’re a loser just because you dropped out of high school and never finished the military training you began’?

‘Think you’re a dud just because you work as a security guard even though you dreamed of becoming a global savior’?

‘Well, don’t beat yourself up. You, too, can become an international super spy like Edward Snowden’.

‘Snowden, 29 and possessing all the qualifications to become a grocery bagger, instead gets hired by the National Security Agency as a security guard, after dropping out of high school and the Army’.

‘This naturally brings him to the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency, which hires him and sends him to Geneva, Switzerland, with diplomatic cover and a high security clearance’.

‘With all that on his résumé, he gets scooped up by defense contractor colossus Booz Allen Hamilton, which assigns him to work at an NSA facility in Hawaii for a reported $200,000 per year. This allows Snowden to rent a house near the beach for him and his girlfriend’.

‘Not that Snowden wasn’t carefully vetted. Booz Allen, which was paid 1.3 billion U.S. tax dollars in the last fiscal year to safeguard U.S. intelligence secrets, issued a statement Sunday: “Booz Allen can confirm that Edward Snowden, 29, has been an employee of our firm for less than three months, assigned to a team in Hawaii. News reports that this individual has claimed to have leaked classified information are shocking. …”

‘He worked there less than three months? A guy with hardly any qualifications is earning $200,000 a year with access to classified information after less than three months’?

‘Is this the American dream or what’?

‘Some would think this is not a bad life for a guy who has been a total slacker. But this is not what Edward Snowden thinks. He has still not saved the world nor become an international celebrity’.

‘So first he leaks classified information that reveals our government is collecting information on all phone calls made on the Verizon network and then leaks classified info that reveals the government collects Internet data on foreigners from companies like Google and Facebook’.

‘The U.S. government has two contradictory responses to the leaks. First, it says, the stuff Snowden has leaked is no big deal and the media are guilty of “hyperbole” in their reporting on it’.

‘On the other hand, according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, “For me, it is literally — not figuratively — literally gut wrenching to see this happen because of the huge, grave damage it does to our intelligence capabilities.”

‘So take your pick’.

‘In any case, Snowden flees the United States to a luxury hotel in — wait for it — China’.

‘True, it is Hong Kong, a fabulous city brimming with soaring skyscrapers, marvelous restaurants, a glamorous nightlife and people of copious wealth. And true, Hong Kong, operates as a “semi-autonomous region” of China in which people have more rights’.

‘But as James Fallows of The Atlantic recently wrote: “Hong Kong is not a sovereign country. It is part of China — a country that by the libertarian standards Edward Snowden says he cares about is worse, not better, than the United States’.

“It has even more surveillance of its citizens. … Its press is thoroughly government-controlled; it has no legal theory of protection for free speech; and it doesn’t even have national elections.”

‘Oh, well, small slip-up. But at least Snowden can live there as a political refugee even if the United States wants him back, right’?

‘Uh, probably not. Regina Ip, a legislator and former security secretary in Hong Kong, told The Wall Street Journal that “We work very closely with U.S. authorities” and Snowden’s choice of Hong Kong as a refuge is “really being based on unfortunate ignorance.”

‘But Snowden never claimed to be a genius. Maybe the history of modern China was not on his GED exam’.

‘It appears that what Snowden really wants to be is a superhero in his own comic book. In dealing with Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman, Snowden assigns himself the code name “Verax” and Gellman the code name “BRASSBANNER.”

“I understand that I will be made to suffer for my actions,” he dramatically writes Gellman. And later: “There’s no saving me.”

‘He also writes Gellman that the U.S. intelligence community “will most certainly kill you” if it thinks Gellman’s murder might stop the leaks from being published. Gellman, an experienced and distinguished reporter, said he did not take this “literally.”

‘But Edward Snowden does not live in a literal world. After the comic book there could be a movie, a “Snowden Ultimatum” kind of thing. (Matt Damon is 42, but he could play 29.’)

‘Sunday, from his Hong Kong hotel room, Snowden continued to communicate with — the still alive — Gellman’.

“There’s no precedent in my life for this kind of thing,” Snowden wrote. “I’ve been a spy for almost all of my adult life — I don’t like being in the spotlight.”

‘Which is the trouble with spies. You can’t believe a word they say’.
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I Spy – ‘PRISM Program: Obama Administration Held 22 Briefings For Congress On Key FISA Law’


The Protect America Act was passed by congress in 2007 and voted on by many of the self same Senators and Representatives that are expressing such shock today.

Of course the same shock is also expressed by many private citizens.

To which I say……That is a problem you have.

If you don’t want to stay informed……..if you are too lazy to stay informed……then you deserve to get smacked in the face with reality every now and then.

Ignorance is no excuse of the law.

Ignorance is just ignorance.

So as Eddy Snowden very rapidly fades into nothingness…….

A 29 year old who didn’t graduate high school…..

Broke the law by collecting data he was not assigned to work on……

Broke the law of his non disclosure contract……..

Dumped his girlfriend explaining  – ‘That is not an uncommon occurrence for someone who has spent the last decade working in the intelligence world,’ he explained to the Guardian.

Spent 5 months in the Army in ‘Special Forces’ training but completed no training.
WASHINGTON — ‘Obama administration officials held 22 separate briefings or meetings for members of Congress on the law that has been used to justify the National Security Agency’s controversial email monitoring program, according to data provided by a senior administration official’.

‘According to the official, the sessions that took place over the course of 14 months starting in October 2011 touched on Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act, which gives the attorney general and director of national intelligence the authority to gather intelligence on non-U.S. citizens for up to one year. Section 702 has been cited by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper as the legal basis for the NSA’s PRISM program, which has allowed the government to track email communication data’.

10/19/11: Meeting with Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Staff

1/10/12: House Judiciary Committee Staff Briefings (majority and minority separately briefed)

1/11/12: Senate Judiciary Committee Staff Briefings (majority and minority separately briefed)

3/5/12: Meeting with Nancy Pelosi

3/8/12: Meeting with Harry Reid Staff

3/15/12: Law Briefing for Senate Judiciary Committee staff

3/15/12: Briefing for Senate Leadership Staff

3/21/12: Meeting with Mitch McConnell Staff

3/23/12: Senate Judiciary Committee Staff Briefing at NSA

3/27/12: Meeting with Jim Langevin

3/28/12: Meeting with Jan Schakowsky

3/29/12: Thompson Meeting*

3/29/12: Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall Meeting

4/10/12: Senate Judiciary Committee Staff Briefing (in Virginia)

4/20/12: Senate Judiciary Committee Staff Briefing at FBI

5/4/12: Senate Judiciary Committee Staff Briefing

5/31/12: House Judiciary Committee FAA Hearing (unclassified)

6/7/12: House Judiciary Committee MEMBER Briefing (classified)

6/11/12: Meeting with Patrick Leahy Staff

6/21/12: House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Hearing (classified)

7/18/12: Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse/Richard Blumenthal Meeting

12/10/12: Akaka Meeting

* The Washington Post reported the meeting as with Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.).
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