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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘GOP Issues Subpoena for Benghazi Documents’


This is why President Obama will accomplish little to nothing over the next 3 1/2 years.

Obstruction of your opponent AND exciting your political base works in politics.

There is no’scandal’ or cover up.

But the Republicans won the messaging because there were out there everyday…….

‘Poll: 69 percent think Benghazi needs to be investigated’
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“House Republicans accused the Obama administration of withholding information about its initial response to last year’s terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, and issued a subpoena on Tuesday seeking additional information,” NBC News reports’.

“The subpoena is another step in Republicans’ long journey to unearth more details about the Benghazi response, which they have used to politically ding President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”
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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘Perry Vetoes GOP-Backed Disclosure Bill’

rick perry1

Rick ‘The Dick’ Perry will run for the Republican Presidential nomination for 2016…….with the same results he had in 2012.

He won’t lose because he vetoed a Republican bill…

He will lose because he is stupid.

Anyone….ANYONE running for President of the United States who says he will eliminate 3 Federal Departments and then can only name 2……is just too stupid.

‘Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) vetoed a Republican bill “that would have required nonprofits that engage in politics to disclose their donors,” the Huffington Post reports’.

‘The measure “would have required 501(c)4 social welfare groups that spend more than $25,000 in a calendar year on political expenditures to disclose contributions above $1,000.”
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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘Kansas Republican Actually Opposes The Poor Buying More Food’

feed the poor

‘The Kansas state Senate has voted to lower the sales tax from 6.3% to 4.95% on groceries only – other purchases remain at the same rate – trying to ease the burden on middle class and poor families’.

‘It passed by a vote of 25-14. The plan also cuts the state income tax. Now it goes to the House, but its fate there is not very promising’.

‘Governor Sam Brownback would like the sales tax to stay at the current rate to make up for income tax cuts last year and the House is inclined to do what the governor wants’.

‘The situation has some urgency as the Kansas legislature is working overtime in Topeka to get business completed before their summer break. Aw, poor babies’.

‘Enter State Rep. Jeff Melcher, the leader of the opponents of the Senate’s plan’.

‘His arguments against the tax rollback are not based on economics, however’.

‘He’s worried that lower prices on food will move the poor to buy more… food’.

‘Let that one roll around your brain for a minute, I’ll wait. Your head still in one piece? Okay, here’s Melcher’s insane troll logic’:

“It seems to me we are encouraging the behavior of purchasing food and discouraging the behavior of purchasing anything else.”
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2016 – President Obama’s Legacy – A President in name only

weak obama1

Although my first choice in 2007 & 2008 was Hillary Clinton, I voted for Obama……twice.

For the most part it was because I believed in the programs he was promoting but also because, as I and countless others have said over and over again – the Republican alternatives – McCain/Palin & Romney/Ryan were economic, social and political jokes.

But it’s time to move on from this President to the opportunities of the next.

President Obama will never be anything more then just a President in name only.

There are two main reasons.

#1 – The Republicans via defunding in the House and filibuster in the Senate have effectively made him, as Senator McConnell promised – ‘a one term President’.

And #2 – I and millions of others waited for 2 1/2 years during his first term and now for almost 6 months in his second term to be an engaged President.

Giving a speech IS NOT LEADERSHIP.

NOT when you have a minority that controls the majority of a political party that has access to a 24 hour news network promoting that you are destroying America.

As to #1.

For the last 2 years since the 2010 Midterms, the Republicans have made it very clear that they would oppose anything that the President was connected to.

Actually they have extended that to any thing THEY or more correctly their ‘base’ does not believe in – will not become legislation.

37 attempts to repeal or defund Obamacare should have been a very clear message to President Obama that attempting to negotiate for a compromise with Republicans was going to be a complete waste of time.

Yet that is exactly what he did…..time after time after time…….

To the complete frustration to those of us who wanted to see legislative victories especially after his clear re-election.

So in the Senate – the day after the re-election victory – he should have called Senator Reid into the White House and said – ‘Enough. We will lose the Senate some time in the future but if we don’t act now, kill the filibuster, we won’t pass any legislation and will lose the Senate because of that’.

IS Senator Reid to blame for the continued abuse of the filibuster by the Senate Republicans?

Yes to a degree. The Presidenjt needed to lead on this and come out publicly supporting the other Democrats that wanted filibuster reform.

But he didn’t.

So how does that make him a ‘President in name only’?

‘GOP filibuster kills background checks’
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’90 percent of Americans want expanded background checks on guns’
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90% of us wanted expanded background checks on guns and because the Senate Republicans filibustered it, the President failed.

Failed when 90% of Americans wanted this legislation.

That is a ‘President in name only’.

On #2.

In 2011, it took the Republicans bringing the full faith and credit of America to it’s knees for the President to finally get angry and engaged.

Why did it take 2 1/2 years?

And did President Obama only become engaged because he was up for re-election?

The IRS, as the information slowly dribbles out, well eventually reveal that the teabagger groups did abuse the ‘social welfare’ clause for tax exempt status. Most tax exempt groups do to some degree.

But the IRS ‘scandal’ has given new life to the far right teabaggers.

They have never let ‘facts’ get in the way before and won’t with this either.

The GOP will campaign on the sound bite of ‘Big Government Abuse’ and they will win.

Does Obama understand that the VP choice in 2008, Palin, gave voice (because she found it made her money) to the far right?

Add to that, FOX helped create and aggressively promoted the tea party, the very wing of the Republican Party that was ‘attacked’ by the IRS.

FOX also is a 24 hour operation that again aggressively promotes that everything Obama says and does is designed to destroy America.

Do you know why Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell give press conferences complaining about the President ‘campaigning’ when he goes to other States and gives speeches?

Because that ‘campaigning’ completley offsets the 24 hour FOX.

The only problem is that Obama figures because he is President, that the speech of statement he gave is all he has to do.

Meanwhile FOX brings on Republican Representatives and Senators to give us sound bites as to why what Obama just said is either a lie or destroying America.

We are a partisan Nation that now gets it’s ‘facts’ from sound bites.

But when a politician and especially the President comes to us and speaks…….it’s the only time we are actually ‘in touch’ with our Government.

The Presidents ‘bully pulpit’ could, could….if he used it….break the filibuster and force the Hosue to actually govern.

But Presient Obama rarely uses the ‘bully pulpit’ and when he does, it’s one speech/comment and he thinks that’s all he has to do.

He never, never explains.

President Obama could have broken the Senate’s filibuster by just going to the States where Republicans voted against the gun background checks.

Instead…….one comment in the Rose Garden and then moving on to the next weak effort.

The IRS needed fast and complete disclosure.

FOX needed 24 hour countering.

Obama gave us neither.

‘Ohio School District May Add Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theories To Curriculum’

agenda 21

This is the same school board that in ‘2011, “backed away from plans to teach creationism under public pressure” from the ACLU. It plans to vote on this proposal in early June and is facing similar criticism from parents and students’.

‘The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio is challenging an Ohio school district for considering a “controversial issues policy” that would require teachers to encourage discussions about creationism and conservative conspiracy theories about U.N. Agenda 21′.

Springboro Community City School District’s new curriculum — mandates that “[a]ll sides of the issue should be given to the students in a dispassionate manner” to help “students to be taught to think clearly on all matters of importance, and to make decisions in the light of all the material that has been presented or can be researched on the issues.” Controversial issues include’:

“religion when not used in a historical or factual context, sex education, legalization of drugs, evolution/creation, pro-life/abortion, contraception/abstinence, conservatism/liberalism, politics, gun rights, global warming and climate change, UN Agenda 21 and sustainable development, and any other topic on which opposing points of view have been promulgated by responsible opinion and/or likely to arouse both support and opposition in the community”.

‘Teachers would have to provide equal weight to widely-accepted scientific theories like evolution and right-wing conspiracies advanced by Glenn Beck’.
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‘Groups Targeted by IRS Tested Rules on Political Activity’

free press

While I agree with the object of this story, that tea party groups well over stepped the bounds of ‘social welfare’ and so should be examined closly (as well as all groups including Liberal), the writer concludes with
“But a close examination”.

The American public does not ‘closely examine’ Government.

As a group, Americans put more thought into what will go on their pizza then who and why to vote for.

We wait to see which 30 second sound bite gets the most attention and that determines what the majority of the public and the press decides.

‘New York Times: “Representatives of these organizations have cried foul in recent weeks about their treatment by the I.R.S., saying they were among dozens of conservative groups unfairly targeted by the agency, harassed with inappropriate questionnaires and put off for months or years as the agency delayed decisions on their applications.”

“But a close examination of these groups and others reveals an array of election activities that tax experts and former I.R.S. officials said would provide a legitimate basis for flagging them for closer review.”
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One Man’s Trash…. – ‘Trump researching 2016 run’



one man's trash1

Trump is only one of  many Republican wanna bes that will dump on the Republican Presidential selection.

Santorium, Perry, Cruz, Rubio and 4-7 more will all ‘throw in their hats’.

Eventually it will come down to Christie and Paul with Paul if he can use his dad’s political base and machine and get finacial backing, making a third party run at the White House.

But on to what makes the Republicans the ‘Stupid Party’.

This guy at one time was polling 30+% in the Republican Presidential standings in 2011.

‘Donald Trump has spent more than $1 million on electoral research for a potential presidential run in 2016’.

‘Sources said the tough-talking “Celebrity Apprentice” host is increasingly being asked to speak at Republican events, and he appeared at the Oakland County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Novi, Mich., last week to a record crowd of 2,300’.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘39% Of Those That Believe Benghazi Is ‘Worst American Scandal’ Can’t Find Benghazi On A Map’


‘A Public Policy Polling survey found that an astonishing number of people thought that the tragic attack in Benghazi was part of the biggest political scandal in United States history — and 39 percent of them don’t actually even know which country Benghazi is in. From Public Policy Polling’s website’:

“While voters overall may think Congress’ focus should be elsewhere there’s no doubt about how mad Republicans are about Benghazi”.

“41% say they consider this to be the biggest political scandal in American history to only 43% who disagree with that sentiment”.

“Only 10% of Democrats and 20% of independents share that feeling”.

“Republicans think by a 74/19 margin than Benghazi is a worse political scandal than Watergate, by a 74/12 margin that it’s worse than Teapot Dome, and by a 70/20 margin that it’s worse than Iran Contra”.

“One interesting thing about the voters who think Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history is that 39% of them don’t actually know where it is”.

“10% think it’s in Egypt, 9% in Iran, 6% in Cuba, 5% in Syria, 4% in Iraq, and 1% each in North Korea and Liberia with 4% not willing to venture a guess”.
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A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘Ted Cruz: ‘I don’t trust the Republicans’

ted cruz1

‘Cruz is demanding that any motion to send the budget to conference include a promise that the group won’t include an increase in the debt ceiling. He has been joined by fellow Republicans Sens. Paul, Mike Lee of Utah and most recently Marco Rubio of Florida. He has also had the backing of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in blocking the move to conference and insisting for debt ceiling assurances’.

Republicans – “We’ll just make everything come to a halt and that will make Obama look bad as the Country falls apart.”

This ‘vision’ where a small minority of the Country and a very small handful of extreme Conservatives hold our Nation hostage as they ‘demand’ we all bow to their direction.

This is quickly becoming our future.

Only a small handful of elected representatives will decide what legislation passes.

The Senate has passed a budget.

The House has passed a budget.

The next step is to send the legislation to ‘conference’ where the differences are worked out.

To this date the House, under Republican leadership, has refused to appoint any confreeres thus blocking the start of a ‘conference’.

Now the gang of 4 obstructionists – Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio have decided they want to block the Senate from sending the budget to conference.

A budget that Republicans have been screaming for years that the Democrats in the Senate weren’t doing their job because they wouldn’t pass a budget.

Sen. John McCain :

“The quick background here is that congressional Republicans have spent years calling for a return to ‘regular order’ in which the House writes a budget, the Senate writes a budget, and the two chambers move to a conference committee to hash out their differences. This year, for the first time since 2009, Senate Democrats wrote and passed a full budget, shepherding it to passage through an open amendment process. Now various Senate Republicans are blocking the move towards conference — blocking, in other words, the move towards the regular order they demanded.”

‘McCain unloaded last night: “What are we on my side of the aisle doing? We don’t want a budget unless we put requirements on the conferees that are absolutely out of line and unprecedented?”

‘The issue of whether to send the Senate budget to conference with the House is sharply dividing Senate Republicans, with some agreeing with the Senate Democratic leadership that they should be following “regular order” and working with the other chamber’.

‘This is the first time that the Senate has passed a budget in four years, although it differs significantly from the House-passed version, sponsored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)’.

‘On Wednesday, McCain delivered a scolding criticism of fellow Republicans for trying to block Democratic efforts’.

“Let’s put some confidence in if not in the conferees appointed here, but in the conferees who will be appointed on the other side of the Capitol, who are of our party, who are fiscal conservatives just like we are,” McCain said on the Senate floor. “Instead of blocking, what I assure my colleagues — all three of them here, that is a minority of the minority of Republicans in the United States Senate — that [a majority] want to move forward with a budget which we spent so many hours and so much effort in achieving.”

“The senior senator from Arizona urged this body to trust the Republicans,” Cruz said, referring to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). “Let me be clear, I don’t trust the Republicans. I don’t trust the Democrats and I think a whole lot of Americans likewise don’t trust the Republicans or the Democrats because it is leadership in both parties that has got us into this mess.”
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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘Governor Can’t Find A Single Latino In Pennsylvania To Work For Him’

Tom Corbett

This should be a fairly easy pickup for Democrats in 2014 when Corbett runs for re-election.

But then again I’m talking about Democrats and especially Democrats in PA. so………

‘Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) brushed away a question about Latinos working in his administration during a roundtable discussion at The Union League in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday, telling the moderator, “If you can find us one let me know”:

MODERATOR: “Do you have staff members that are Latino”?

CORBETT: “No, we do not have any staff members in there. If you can find us one, please let me know”.

MODERATOR: “I am sure that there are Latinos that…”

CORBETT: “Do any of you want to come to Harrisburg? See”?!
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