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Blog Running – ‘Are Liberals Souring on Politics?


Great, great post by Ed Kilgore over at Wanhington Monthly.

With 1 exception.

Ed concludes with – “But since the same phenomenon doesn’t appear to be occurring on the Right despite the debacle of 2012…”


Yes the Republicans lost House seats. Yes the Republicans lost Senate seats. Yes the Republicans lost the White House.

Yet today we have a President and a Senate that can’t even pass 1 piece of legislation that is supported by 90% of Americans.

Looking at the election as a ‘debacle’ for Republicans is actually completley wrong.

What we need to do is deal with what’s in front of us.

The election is over.

Get over it.

The ‘debacle’ is the obstruction by Republicans.

THAT  has to be the Liberal and Moderate messaging.

– – – – – – –

‘There’s a pretty big and alarming fear bouncing around progressive opinion circles that has been forced into the open by reports of a really bad ratings month for MSNBC’:

“maybe liberals are (relatively speaking) souring on politics”!

‘Before anyone says it, no, this apparent progressive media slough of depression cannot be attributed to some Dickmorrisian sudden magical trend to the Right in public opinion: there’s no evidence of it whatsoever in any public opinion research’.

‘It’s hard to attribute it to any decline in the quality or content of progressive political content, either. In the case of MSNBC, the only thing that changed before May was the replacement of Ed Schultz by Chris Hayes, and it’s hard to imagine that displeased large numbers of viewers’.

‘Salon’s Alex Pareene looked at the MSNBC phenomenon the other day, and offered these observations, after noting that the show taking the real pounding in ratings has been Morning Joe, hardly a liberal-magnet’:

“It’s simplistic to say that viewers aren’t watching because the president’s having a bad news cycle. Bad news is often good for ratings. Liberals like to watch Republicans portrayed as big scary meanies when they’re not watching them be presented as inept nutso clowns. There was no such thing as liberal cable news during the Clinton impeachment, but if there had been I guarantee it would’ve been a hit”.

“Maybe — maybe! — some viewers are tuning out because they’re not hearing enough of an unqualified defense of the president and his administration from some of MSNBC’s more left-leaning voices”.

‘Expanding beyond television to the lag in web traffic (which can no longer be attributed to mere post-election fatigue) all of us progressive bloggers have noticed, Digby adds some thoughts’:

“I’m with [P]areene that if the Republicans really get crazy, the audience will come back”.

“Short of that (or something else catastrophic) my impression is that liberals are either bored or disillusioned right now for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a liberal majority has been effectively obstructed and the president seems to be ineffectual”.

“I don’t now what the answer is, but it isn’t that there isn’t a permanent audience. There was until very recently”.

“It’s that the liberal audience is tuning out and one can only assume it’s because they don’t like what they see in our politics”.

‘I’m sure there are other semi-plausible theories, mostly involving a ritual incantation of the words “social media” followed by the unsupported suggestion that cable shows and blogs are so 2008’.

‘But since the same phenomenon doesn’t appear to be occurring on the Right despite the debacle of 2012, it remains a bit of a mystery, and if it doesn’t last, maybe one that can occupy journalism students down the road’.
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5 thoughts on “Blog Running – ‘Are Liberals Souring on Politics?

  1. Reblogged this on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES and commented:
    John Liming of “AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES” says – – – “I hope to Hell that Liberals aren’t souring on politics because if that ever happens and Liberals give up the fight or let down their guard the Right-Tards will sweep over this nation like a tidal wave of liquid feces and the future will be nothing bu religious oppression and tyranny disguised in robes of righteousness – – If that happens I am sure many people will cry out for the rocks to fall on them – – We dare not allow Liberalism to sour on politics – – we simply dare not!

  2. Barneysday on said:

    Our ineffectual, frightened leader isn’t helping the cause. I think many are becoming so disenchanted with DC, combined with Obama’s weakness, that they are leaving the arena of public interest in droves.

    • Amen.
      But I hear he is going to give a great speech on the raising student loan rates.
      Not actually DO anything just give a great speech.

      • Barneysday on said:

        You and I are SOOOO in sync on this guy. Don’t know if thats good or bad, but I don’t think we are alone. Well done

      • We are not alone. More and more are looking to his ‘anger’ after the 2011 Budget/Debt Ceiling talks as a ‘stunt’ to start his re-election campaign.
        There has been no follow through. See Chris Matthews.
        Where is Obama’s agenda for a second term?
        Yes the Republicans will block any and everything and that’s when you get out of the White House and go to town halls and start EXPLAINING what obstruction is as you lay out your plans for jobs, infrastructure, health care, education, etc.

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