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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘Members Of Congress Introduce Legislation Based On Fringe Conspiracy Theory’

right wing conspiracy

Oh No! The Gobermint is buying up all the bullets!!!

‘Two Republican members of Congress introduced legislation on Friday that would limit the amount of ammunition the government is able to purchase at a given time’.

‘The bill is a response to far-right conspiracy theories that the government is “stockpiling” ammunition, either to wage a war against the American people or to dry up the ammunition market so average citizens can’t buy bullets’.

‘Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK), and Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) will put forth the Ammunition Management for More Obtainability Act (or, AMMO) Act in both the House and Senate’.

‘The bill would require executive branch agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to maintain ammunition levels below the average monthly amounts that the agencies had before Obama took office’.

“President Obama has been adamant about curbing law-abiding Americans’ access and opportunities to exercise their Second Amendment rights,” said Inhofe. “One way the Obama Administration is able to do this is by limiting what’s available in the market with federal agencies purchasing unnecessary stockpiles of ammunition”.

‘The theory comes from fringe websites like Alex Jones’s Infowars, but have been given a platform by Drudge, a site that commonly peddles unfounded conspiracy theories’.

‘Even some far-right sites have taken it upon themselves to debunk the claim that DHS is “stockpiling” weapons. described the theories as “based more on panic than fact.”
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One thought on “Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘Members Of Congress Introduce Legislation Based On Fringe Conspiracy Theory’

  1. I’m afraid they have it backwards. The NRA is stockpiling secret ammo dumps all over the U.S. for a takeover of our nation by right-wing goons. But don’t worry. I’m the White House’s favorite secret-agent & I’ve got my thumb on the matter…

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