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UPDATE # 7 – ‘The Citadel: Gun-Loving Americans Signing Up to Live in Idaho Fortress Community’


I love this. These ‘real’ patriots are looking for other ‘real’ patriots that can pay rent AND help the ‘real’ patriots clear THEIR  land.

‘On our parcel it will be required, as soon as the ground permits, to do some more clearing and pad development, road development, and similar responsibilities’.

‘We intend to have good electrical service, but most heating in those parts is done by wood, so if you are one of those people who think you have little to contribute, yet want to be in the Citadel, let us know – we’ll need someone who splits and stack wood for people’.

‘We are looking to fill up to 2 dozen households this summer, and our goal is to scout properties and begin the arduous work of clearing permits’.

‘Women and families with kids, consider it’.


‘If you home school that is ideal’.

‘If you are in a position to pay a small rent/lease while launching your dream business, consider it’.

Oh and look!

They are going to be the ‘newspaper of record for Benwah County!

Bet that’s a surprise to Benwah County residents!

But then maybe the Citadel is going to Bene Wah instead of Benwah.

Hows that ‘look the residents in the eye’ when you can’t even spell the name of their County right.

And you’re going to be the ‘newspaper of record’.

‘H and I will have boots on the ground in Benewah, regardless of what happens. We will oversee site development and look the residents in the eye so they know the lies they have read in the paper are exactly that – lies and hyperbole used by media to sell ad units. Just remember, H and I have a publishing house as well, and it may well have to become the newspaper of record for Benewah‘.
From :

And of course remember the Citadel, all of it, is based on the financial stability of having the III Arms Company IN the Citadel, IN Benewah County.

So why go to the huge task and cost of shipping 1 piece of major equipment to SC only to have to go to a greater cost and bigger task of shipping it to Idaho?

‘Sunday, March 3, 2013’
‘Secondly, our first piece of large machinery should be shipping this week. It was a major hit to my retirement, but there’s near $30K worth of CNC mill heading this direction. Gives me less than a week to get space for it in the shop and drop a 60A electrical service cord for it. Mind you, this is a 2400+lb, 3’x7’x8′ piece of machinery, going into a 13’x26′ shop that is already tight to walk around in. A few items in that shop are going to see daylight and weather for the first time in their lives’.
From :


‘Major happenings in the next week or so. Silence here will be a direct result of being busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger’.

‘We have a MAJOR ‘interview’ Thursday in D.C. Folks are coming in from the left coast to talk to us about what we’re trying to accomplish. It is HUGE, and not something we could have expected with this project. That someone is flying across the US to meet with us specifically about things III Citadel and III Arms, is beyond our wildest expectations. That someone of his position and respectability in his industry would take the time to meet with us….beyond belief. When and IF we get to tell you, you’re flat out gonna soil yer britches. That I promise you’.

‘If it happens, and there is never any certainty in life, credibility of the III, III Arms and III Citadel will be above reproach and fixed as a household name. While receipt of the license was the final nail, this buries it’.

Yeah. That was March 3rd.

Anyday now…………

One Man’s Trash…..Why America Is Failing – ‘Here Comes Paid WaPo’!

one man's trash1

Information….knowledge should be free.

That is/was the justification and need for the Fourth Estate.

To inform the public.

free press

‘This summer, The Washington Post will start charging frequent users of its Web site, asking those who look at more than 20 articles or multimedia features a month to pay a fee’.

‘The paper said, however, that it would exempt large parts of its audience from having to pay the fees’.

‘Not bloggers, though’.
@ :

I’ve enjoyed Greg Sargent’s Plum Line for years.

It’s been a site of many an intelligent, insightful and mainly credible stories.

Health care has gone from ‘First do no harm’ to ‘Pay first, heal second’.

Now the press is slowly evolving from ‘Who, What, When, Where and Why’ to ‘Pay me and I’ll tell you a story’.

We already have a very poorly informed public. To take away access for all from a very good source, only forces people to go to what’s left.


Now I can get around paying but why do it in the first place?

WaPo – no longer a part of the Fourth Estate’s ‘Free Press’.


But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ‘Vitter Will Block Perez Labor Nomination’


We ALL remember Seator David Vitter…..don’t we?

‘Diaperman David Vitter Likes His Diapers’
@ :

(Washington, D.C.) – ‘U.S. Sen. David Vitter announced his commitment to block the nomination of Thomas Perez as Secretary of the Labor Department until the Department of Justice responds to his 2011 letter related to spotty enforcement of the National Voter Registration Act in Louisiana. Perez was closely involved in the controversial New Black Panther voter intimidation case before the Department of Justice’.
From :


WASHINGTON — ‘Justice Department official Thomas Perez gave incomplete testimony to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights when he said the department’s political leadership was not involved in the decision to dismiss three of the four defendants in a lawsuit the Bush administration brought against the New Black Panther Party, an inspector general’s report said Tuesday’.

‘The report also concluded that Perez did not intentionally mislead the commission’.

“We did not find that Perez intentionally misled the commission,” said the IG’.

‘The report said Perez left out from his testimony that Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli and a deputy associate attorney general were involved in consultations about the decision’.

‘IG Michael Horowitz said there are no rules prohibiting political appointees from participating in such decision making and that Perez did not know about the incidents when he testified to the commission in May 2010’.

‘The IG’s report stemmed in part from the handling of the 2008 case in which the Justice Department sued two members of the New Black Panther Party, the NBPP’s national chairman and the group itself. After the change in administrations, the Justice Department asked the court to dismiss the suit against three of the four defendants’.
From :

‘The IG found the department acted properly’.


What is wrong with the Republican Party – Same Sh*t, Different Day Edition – ‘Leader in GOP’s reboot calls Obama a ‘socialist’

same shit different day1

See to these Republicans, since they shouldn’t call us ‘commies’ now, they’ll just call us ‘socialists’. Course if you’re a ‘socialists’, you might as will be a ‘commie’ to these Republicans.

And of course the best part is it excites the ‘base’ of the Republican Party.

‘Leading Republicans called on their party to adopt a more inclusive tone Monday’.

‘Much of the report focuses on the party’s need to appeal to younger voters, women and minorities — and soften its rhetoric in order to do so’.

‘Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour (nephew of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour), a top GOP strategist and one of the authors of the Republican National Committee’s detailed plan’.

Barbour told The Hill. “We’ve got a socialist in office right now — how’s that working for us?”
From :

Minority rules.
A real problem in a Republic.

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