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CPAC – A Conservative Vision For America – ‘CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks’


Does CPAC represent the Republican Party?


But it does represnet the direction the Conservative movement is going.

This person seems extreme but in reality is very ‘normal’ in the new extreme.

And these are the people that are active, energized and vote in primaries.

Primaries that decide the candidates for the Republican Party.

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — ‘A panel at the Conservative Political Action Committee on Republican minority outreach exploded into controversy on Friday afternoon, after an audience member defended slavery as good for African-Americans’.

‘The exchange occurred after an audience member from North Carolina, 30-year-old Scott Terry, asked whether Republicans could endorse races remaining separate but equal’.

‘After the presenter, K. Carl Smith of Frederick Douglass Republicans, answered by referencing a letter by Frederick Douglass forgiving his former master, the audience member said “For what? For feeding him and housing him?”

‘Several people in the audience cheered and applauded Terry’s outburst’.

‘After the exchange, Terry muttered under his breath, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association’.

‘When asked by ThinkProgress if he’d accept a society where African-Americans were permanently subservient to whites, he said “I’d be fine with that.” He also claimed that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa,” and that “all the Tea Parties” were concerned with the same racial problems that he was’.

‘At one point, a woman challenged him on the Republican Party’s roots, to which Terry responded, “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”

‘He claimed to be a direct descendent of Confederate President Jefferson Davis’.
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4 thoughts on “CPAC – A Conservative Vision For America – ‘CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks’

  1. Barneysday on said:

    Need we say any more about CPAC and the Republican Party?

  2. This guy is Democrat’s dream Republican candidate…

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