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One Man’s Trash…… – ‘Chris Hayes Moves Into Primetime At MSNBC, Bringing A Diverse Guest Roster With Him’

one man's trash1

This is a rave.

I love Ed Schultz. And I like Chris Hayes.

ed schultz

‘As the New York Times reported today, Chris Hayes, the Nation editor-turned-MSNBC-weekend-host, will be moving from his Saturday and Sunday morning show to take over the 8 PM primetime slot on the network, replacing Ed Schultz, who will shift to the weekends’.
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Chris Hayes was perfect on the weekend mornings. My and most people’s ‘brains’, our thinking process, functions differently on the weekends.

On week days, we function on a ‘work week’ level. We take information in, speed up the process, make decisions and move on to the next item.

That’s the week day thinking process.

On the weekends we slow down. I can take an hour, 2 or more to actually ‘debate’ in my mind over more complex issues.

That’s why Chris Hayes was perfect. He’d spend an hour usually with 4 diverse guests and they’d hash over an issue and most of the implications or that issue.


I don’t see Chris Hayes as a good fit on week nights.

People want/expect to procrss a lot of info. Not 1 piece for an hour but 5,6 7 pieces in an hour.

And on week nights, you want an ‘edge’ to what you’re wathcing.

Anger. Excitement.

And that’s politics. Abstract debates with 4 relatively unknow but very well qualified people usually aren’t subject to anger or excitement.

So anyway.

I’ll miss the thought provoking debates but look forward to the anger and excitement form Ed.


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