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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘ACORN, In New GOP Budget Bill, Would Be Defunded Again, Even Though It No Longer Exists’

"And trust me. I know stupid"!

“And trust me. I know stupid”!

WASHINGTON — ‘A new short-term budget bill introduced on Monday by House Republicans includes a bizarre provision banning federal funding to anti-poverty group ACORN, despite the fact that the group has already been stripped of federal funding — and has been defunct for nearly three years’.

‘The provision in the current GOP budget bill [PDF], buried on page 221 of 269, would duplicate legislation that has already passed, to target an organization that does not exist’.
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“All Politics Is Local” – In Spokane, Washington – ‘Skyfest 2013 canceled after sequester’


Oh the President ‘over sold’ the effects of the sequester.

Well here’s hundreds of thousands or more in tax revenue and
sales – from just one event in just one town.

174 House Republicans voted FOR the sequester including our very own 5th District US Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

Thanks Cathy for voting to lose all that tax revenue and sales!!

‘The return of Skyfest will have to wait’.

‘Fairchild Air Force Base, which had planned to revive the
popular air show this year to coincide with the 75th
anniversary of Spokane’s Lilac Festival in May, confirmed
Monday that Skyfest will be canceled because of federal
spending cuts’.

‘The announcement came shortly after the Air Force’s
precision F-16 flying team, the Thunderbirds, canceled its
planned Spokane visit along with the rest of its 2013 tour,
citing lack of funding’.

‘The Air Force reportedly ordered all bases and installations
to cancel air shows and open house events this year to help
reduce spending to accommodate the mandatory,
across-the-board cuts that took effect Friday’.

‘The free air show and community open house had been
scheduled for May 18-19’.

‘Skyfest typically draws crowds of 100,000 to the West Plains
base to tour military aircraft, displays and aerial acrobatic
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‘Must-watch video charting income inequality in America’

income equality

Saw this over on America Blog.

‘One very neat chart showing what portion of the total national wealth is actually owned by each group, what portion Americans think each group actually has, and what portion Americans think would be fair’.

‘A nice basic video that easily demonstrates income inequality in America’.

‘The guy who did the video notes that 1% of Americans have 40% of the wealth. And teh bottom 80% have 7% of the nation’s wealth’.

‘He also raises a point about CEO pay’:

“Do you really believe that the CEO is working 380x harder than his average employee?”

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Blog Running – Take the money and run – ‘Corporate Profits Are Eating the Economy’

take the money and run

The common Conservative thread is that ‘big Government’ takes all the money via ‘high taxes’ so there is none left in the private sector to invest.

That is one of the reasons for the sequester. Cut the size of Government so that it reduces the tax burden on the private sector.

But with the Stock Market at record highs, corporate profits at record highs, why isn’t the private sector hiring?

Where is the private sectors investment in America?

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‘Here are two things that are true about the economy today’.

(1) ‘The Dow Jones industrial average is poised to set a new record as corporate profits stretch to all-time highs’.
(2) ‘There are still fewer working Americans today than there were before the start of the Great Recession’.

‘The fact that these two things can be true at the same time might outrage you. But it shouldn’t surprise you’.

‘Taken together, these graphs don’t tell us that corporations have utterly decoupled from the economy’.

‘When the economy crashes, we all crash together: corporate profits, employment, and growth’.

‘But when the economy recovers, we don’t recover together’.

‘Corporations rack up historic profits thanks to strong global demand, cheap global labor, and low interest rates, while American workers muddle along, their significance to these companies greatly diminished by a worldwide market for goods and people’.

‘A growing economy and lower unemployment should eventually give U.S. workers a long-deserved raise (and so should rising labor costs overseas that persuade more companies to hire domestically)’.

‘But improvements in technology and the ability of companies to hire locally as they chase worldwide demand are just two factors that should restrain any optimism we can keep corporate profits from gobbling up more and more of the economy. Workers still need help — and they certainly won’t find it in the sequester’.
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Why it’s called the ‘Stupid Party’ – ‘GOP Congresswoman: I Opposed Domestic Violence Bill Because It Protected Too Many Groups’

marsha blackburn

‘Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Monday openly admitted that she opposed the latest reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) because it included protections for LGBT, Native American, and undocumented victims of domestic violence’.

‘In an appearance on MSNBC, Blackburn pointed out that the latest iteration of the law protects “different groups” and thus dilutes funding for straight, non-Native American women with the proper documentation’:

“When you start to make this about other things it becomes an “against violence act” and not a targeted focus act… I didn’t like the way it was expanded to include other different groups”.
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Why America Is Failing – ‘Rep. Curry Todd lived rent-free in lobbyist’s home’

curry todd

It’s not just ‘the money’.

The ‘perks’ our elected representatives get, if we only knew the full extent, would more the likely motivate us enough to change the system.

‘State Rep. Curry Todd lived rent-free for an undisclosed amount of time in the expensive Nashville home of a prominent lobbyist in 2011’.

‘The lobbyist, Chuck Welch, regularly worked on legislative issues that passed through the House State and Local Government Committee, which Todd, R-Collierville, chaired until he was removed in late 2011’.

‘That came after Todd, who had sponsored legislation allowing guns in places that serve alcohol, was arrested on DUI and gun charges in October 2011. He was pulled over by Metro police less than a mile from the lobbyist’s Green Hills home’.

‘Todd acknowledged last week that he has stayed at Welch’s house on a number of occasions, but wouldn’t clarify how long he lived at 2004 Lombardy Ave. in 2011. The home sold last year for $460,000, and rent for a four-bedroom house would have been in the range of $2,000 per month’.
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