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SMACKDOWN! – ‘Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison Slams Sean Hannity During Fox News Appearance’


‘Fox News host Sean Hannity was slammed by the brutal truth on his own show by Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison in an appearance that Hannity is unlikely to forget any time soon’.

‘During the show, Hannity attempted to blame President Obama for the consequences of the upcoming sequester cuts and accused Obama of trying to scare the American people’.

‘Ellison took issue with Hannity’s claims, and called him “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.”

‘Things only got worse for Hannity from there as Ellison went on the offensive and accused him of practicing “yellow journalism” and violating journalistic ethics’.

‘Ellison then called Hannity nothing more than a “shill for the Republican Party,” and said Hannity is “immoral” for saying things “that aren’t true.”
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3 thoughts on “SMACKDOWN! – ‘Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison Slams Sean Hannity During Fox News Appearance’

  1. It’s amusing to hear Hannity say that he is not a Republican. He may not be a registeed Republican, but he works for the GOP and everyone knows it.

    • He has hosted and headlined more tea party rallies then ANY so called ‘news’ journalists.
      Ellison was very correct in saying he works for the Republican Party.
      And please never stop blogging. Depending on the day, yours is either one of or the best blog on WordPress.

      • It’s also amazing that anyone would think of the Teaparty as anything but a Republican ploy. …course it worked for awhile anyway. still, I do tire of these people who always vote GOP but insist they are independent.

        Thank you for the kind comments. Made my morning.

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