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SMACKDOWN! – ‘Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison Slams Sean Hannity During Fox News Appearance’


‘Fox News host Sean Hannity was slammed by the brutal truth on his own show by Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison in an appearance that Hannity is unlikely to forget any time soon’.

‘During the show, Hannity attempted to blame President Obama for the consequences of the upcoming sequester cuts and accused Obama of trying to scare the American people’.

‘Ellison took issue with Hannity’s claims, and called him “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.”

‘Things only got worse for Hannity from there as Ellison went on the offensive and accused him of practicing “yellow journalism” and violating journalistic ethics’.

‘Ellison then called Hannity nothing more than a “shill for the Republican Party,” and said Hannity is “immoral” for saying things “that aren’t true.”
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Gun Nuts Out Of Control – ‘A tax-holiday to sell even more guns and ammo’?


I actually thought that this was a fake story……but it’s not.

A ‘tax holiday’…… buy guns.

‘Because guns are so in danger of disappearing in Texas, state representative Jeff Leach (a Republican, of course) introduced the Texas Gun Ownership Reinforcement Act, which will create a tax-free holiday’.

“Texas must take the lead in the fight against the federal government’s attempts to infringe on our Second Amendment Rights. The Texas Gun Ownership Reinforcement Act encourages and incentivizes lawful gun ownership by allowing law abiding citizens, hunters, and sportsmen the opportunity to save money on firearm and hunting equipment, benefitting Texas taxpayers and small business owners and spurring economic growth. As we fight against the federal government’s overreach, there is no more appropriate day to instate this tax-free holiday than on Texas Independence Day.”
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‘GOP Senator Launches The Most Dishonest Attack Against Obamacare You’ve Ever Heard’

jeff sessions

‘During a Budget Committee Hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) announced that the Affordable Care Act — which had been projected to reduce the deficit by billions over 10 years — would actually increase long-term debt by $6.2 trillion’.

‘How is it possible that one report — requested by Sessions — conflicts so starkly with almost all other government assessments to confirm Republican talking points about the law’?

‘It’s simple: Sessions designed it that way’.

‘The CBO said this about the health care law back in 2010: It lowers the deficit, by about $124 billion over 10 years’.
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‘The Alabama senator asked the office (GAO) to estimate what would happen if the cost containment provisions in the law — the Independent Payment Advisory Board, excise tax on high-cost plans, and reductions in Medicare payments to providers — are “phased out over time” while the coverage provisions remain’.

‘Unsurprisingly, the GAO concluded that if the portions of the law that were specifically designed to keep costs under control don’t go into effect, then the law won’t be effective in lowering health care costs’.

‘Sessions is touting the government expenditures included in the law — the affordability credits and Medicaid expansion — while ignoring its cost savings’.
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Republicans 2016 – ‘Rand Paul Explains His Surprise Vote For Chuck Hagel’

rand paul5

Rand Paul took a huge step in trying to look ‘normal’.

“There are many things I disagree with Chuck Hagel on, there are many things I disagree with John Kerry on, there are very few things I agree with the president on, but the president gets to choose political appointees,” Paul said.
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Don’t get me wrong. He is a fringe freak and the leader of the ‘small Government’ fringe freaks. But by voting for the Presidents choice, he now can always hold this up as ‘See? I know how Government works’.

Republicans 2016 – ‘No CPAC Invite for Christie Because of ‘Limited Future’ in Republican Party’

chris christie

Governor Chris Christie is building himself as ‘everyman’.

He doesn’t want or need CPAC.

If anything CPAC would hurt him. After all – why would he want to stand on the same stage as Sarah Palin? Wayne LaPerrie? Rick Santorum?

Depending on how the three economic ‘crisis’ play out of the next several months, the sequester cuts, the debt ceiling and the CR for the budget, CPAC may well be the one with the ‘limited future’.

Americans are getting to the point we don’t give a rats’ rear end about being ‘Conservative’ or Liberal’. We just want Government to govern.

‘Christie has a “limited future” in the national Republican party given his position on gun control, the source tells National Review Online. As a result, the CPAC insider says, the focus of this year’s conference, “the future of conservatism,” made Christie a bad fit’.

‘Christie, the source adds, is simply not a conservative in the eyes of organizers’.
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