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Saving America 1.0

saving america1

Can America be saved?

Short answer – no.

Long answer – yes……but we won’t.

By ‘saving’ America, I mean to stop our slide into and avoid a social, political and economic chaos or collapse.

So why do I say no?

Do you remember the phone call form a fake David Koch that Governor Scott Walker took in Feburary 2011?

‘Wisconsin Gov. Walker Takes Prank Call From Fake ‘Koch’ Brother’
@ :

When’s the last time YOU called your Governor and while in the middle of a legislative and economic crisis, he or she dropped everything they were doing and talked to YOU for 10 minutes?

While it’s on my personal bucket list, I’m not holding my breath that under those conditions, I’ll talk to my Governor any time soon.

We won’t ‘save’ America because we arte locked into massive corruptive, monied influence peddling of basicly all levels of our Government.

And the phone call to Governor Walker is the shining example of that.

So we can cut Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, public education, health care.

We can raise taxes on the top 2%, reform our tax collection to cut loophgoles.

And after we do all of that, we will have the same foundation.

Money influencing our politicans.

So why won’t we stop the influence of money in our politics?

The very people that we depend on proposing and passing legislation to eliminate money in politics are the very people that benefit the most.

What are the chances that the majority of our State and National legislators will suddenly discover the ethics of ‘we the people’?

It will take an Amendment to the Constitution to remove and keep money out of politics.

Or if that Amendment wouldn’t pass, how about one to amend the First Amendment of the Constitution to remove ‘to petition the Government for a redress of grievances’.

That’s what lobbying is…..petitioning the Government…..with monied influence peddling.

But even before we attempt to take money out of politics, we need to have our Spureme Court redefine it so that money is NOT speech.

‘Public Agrees With Court: Campaign Money Is “Free Speech”
@ :

Well it seems we’d need to change more then just the minds of the Justices of the Supreme Court.

Secretly most hope to someday have the money and therefore the means to influence politics.

So yes we could ‘save’ America from the slow slide into political, social and economic chaos and collapse but we won’t.

So sorry Ben, we couldn’t keep it…..

‘Boehner: I got ’98 percent’ of what I wanted in debt deal’ – ‘The state-by-state impacts of sequestration’

sequester impact

This is only 98% of what Speaker John Boehner wanted.

More then enough………

Go to :

to find your State and possible impact.

In my State, Washington, less then most but it’s not the
amount, it’s the people affected.

‘Washington could lose up to $143,000 in funds that provide
services to victims of domestic violence, resulting in up to
500 fewer victims being served’.

‘Washington would lose approximately $1,053,000 in funds that
provide meals for seniors’.

‘Washington will lose about $1,740,000 in grants to help
prevent and treat substance abuse, resulting in around 3800
fewer admissions to substance abuse programs’.

‘And the Washington State Department of Health will lose
about $174,000 resulting in around 4,300 fewer HIV tests’.

‘Up to 800 disadvantaged and vulnerable children could lose
access to child care, which is also essential for working
parents to hold down a job’.

‘In Washington around 2,850 fewer children will receive
vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella,
tetanus, whooping cough, influenza, and Hepatitis B due to
reduced funding for vaccinations’.

‘Washington will lose about $661,000 in funding for job
search assistance, referral, and placement, meaning around
24,510 fewer people will get the help and skills they need to
find employment’.

‘Head Start and Early Head Start services would be eliminated
for approximately 1,000 children in Washington, reducing
access to critical early education’.

‘Around 440 fewer low income students in Washington would
receive aid to help them finance the costs of college and
around 180 fewer students will get work-study jobs that help
them pay for college’.



Republicans 2016 – ‘Meet The Press Embarrasses Bobby Jindal About Failed Republican Policies In His State’

bobby jundal

Coming to America – Louisiana Governor Bobby ‘Creationism’ Jindal!

bobby jindal 1 poor state

‘The ten poorest states in our country are red states’.
‘The ten poorest states in America are Republican. Mississippi is the poorest… followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina’.
@ :

‘Moreover, red states are mostly welfare states as they receive more from the federal government than they pay in. That the media does not cover this fact is a disservice to the entire American population’.

Lousisiana gets back $1.78 for every dollar it pays the Federal Government in taxes’
@ :
– – – – – – – –
‘Today’s “Meet The Press” had a very short segment that was more impactful than most would immediately imagine’.

‘Having David Gregory make factual assertions to both Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA) about GOP policies was all the more poignant, particularly given that, over the past several years, he has appeared to be either an apologist for GOP middle class destructive policies by giving them airtime and plausibility, or someone who continuously misrepresents the liberal side of the discussions by adopting Republican talking points’.

“Here are some statistics, state to state, Massachusetts to Louisiana, that reflect kinda more services, less taxes, and the different results”.

“Put that up there. You have a bigger population in Massachusetts. You see that there”.

“The high school graduation rate much higher in Massachusetts”.

“The median income about 20,000 higher”.

“The percentage of population without healthcare insurance much higher in Louisiana”.

“The percentage of the population on food stamps much higher in Louisiana”.

” So does this, do results break a little along some of the ideological and philosophical lines about taxes and the amount of government services”?
From :

Some for Me but none for thee – ‘Hypocritical GOP Legislator Receives Unemployment For A Year, Then Votes To Slash It’

Jason Saine

On the same lines as Rep. Paul Ryan getting Social Security Survivors benefits to go to college but he now wants to cut that – meet Republican North Carolina State legislator Jason Saine.

‘Mr. Saine received unemployment benefits of around $300 per week for more than a year before getting a job as a state lawmaker and voting to severely limit the type of benefits that fed his family’.

‘The new bill cuts benefits from lasting up to 73 weeks to lasting between 12 and 20; it also lowers the maximum amount of unemployment benefits you can get in North Carolina from $530 to $350’.
From :

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