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What is wrong with the Republican Party – ‘Paul Ryan Adviser Says Cut Social Security Benefits For ‘Wealthy’ Earning $25K+ Per Year’

poor on social security

Yes. Lets cut the cost of living increase for Social Security by HALF for those receiving over $25,000 because that’s enough money to live on.

‘U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) little-known adviser, Yuval Levin, wrote a seemingly conciliatory Op Ed piece in last week’s New York Times’.

‘First, Levin sounds the obligatory klaxons’:

“Without some kind of deal, nearly $1 trillion in across-the-board spending cuts will kick in on March 1, the federal government could shut down on March 27, and the nation could default on its debts in May.”

‘He goes on to make some soothing noises, as he adds’:

“The two parties fundamentally disagree over the future of our welfare state, but there may be space for common ground.”

‘Then Levin starts talking about means-testing and brings up a proposal from Andrew G. Biggs from the ultra-conservative American Enterprise Institute’:

“The top third of beneficiaries (by lifetime income) receive no annual cost-of-living adjustment in retirement”.

“The middle third would get half of today’s adjustment”.

“And the bottom third would receive the same annual increase they do now”.

“Such a reform… would reduce Social Security spending by more than a tenth over a decade and fix the program’s long-term financing.”

‘Which sounds all warm, fuzzy, and reasonable until you visit the Social Security Administration’s “Income of the Aged Chartbook, 2010” and discover that the top third includes people with an income of $50,000 per year and up’.

‘And the middle third includes people making just $25,000 per year’.

‘Only a slash-and-cut, anti-47 percenter would consider someone earning just $25K per year as collecting excessive amounts of Social Security income’.

Stories Form The Fringe – ‘Dumbest Man on Internet’s New Paranoid Fantasy: VA Prohibits Veterans From Owning Guns’!

veterans and guns1

You gotta love the ‘news’ that comes from Drudge.

‘Oddly enough, Hoft left out a rather important piece of information: this provision only applies to veterans who are found to be mentally ill, and whose veteran’s benefits have been legally placed in a guardianship due to incompetence’.

‘Insane paranoid fantasies gush out of the right wing like water from a firehose, and today Jim Hoft, the legendary dumbest man on the Internet, has received another link from Drudge Report for spreading a fear-mongering lie about the Veteran’s Administration’.

‘By now, of course, this fake story has spread throughout the wingnut blogosphere, as all such stories do. Just another lie for the right wing base, now turned into an article of faith that will be repeated eternally, deception without end, amen’.
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‘Court Finds No Right to Conceal a Firearm’

states rights

For all you ‘States Rights’ and 2nd Amendment wing nuts out there. Remember, just because your State allows it, won’t mean all States will.

But go ahead and demand ‘States’ rights. What you’ll get will be Individual ‘States’ rights.

DENVER (AP) — ‘A federal appeals court has ruled that permits allowing people to carry concealed weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment’.

‘The ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit was issued Friday in a case involving a Washington State resident, Gray Peterson’.

‘A federal judge in 2011 tossed out Mr. Peterson’s lawsuit filed against Denver and Colorado’s Department of Public Safety’.

‘He claimed that being denied a concealed-weapons permit because he was not a Colorado resident violated his Second Amendment rights to bear firearms’.

‘According to gun rights groups, Colorado is one of about two dozen states that do not honor concealed weapons permits from Washington State’.

‘Colorado recognizes weapons permits issued by other states, but only for states that recognize Colorado permits. Washington State does not recognize Colorado permits’.

‘The National Rifle Association did not return a phone call seeking comment and Mr. Peterson could not be located for comment’.

‘In its ruling, the three-judge panel cited a Supreme Court ruling that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not infringed by laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons.”
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But it’s NOT Republican Obstructionism – ’13 GOP Pennsylvania Senators Introduce New Plan To Rig The Electoral College For Republicans’

vote rigging3

Yeah. The rigged voter ID law in PA. didn’t work so lets rig the Electoral College!

‘Although some state lawmakers in key blue states such as Wisconsin or Michigan endorsed versions of this plan, the election rigging plans were widely derided as exactly what they are — cheating — and soon, even top Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) or Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell wanted nothing to do with election rigging’.

‘The plans to rig the Electoral College appeared dead’.

‘Except, that is, for Pennsylvania’.

‘Gov. Tom Corbett (R-PA) was one of the earliest supporters of rigging the Electoral College, backing a plan to do so as early as 2011’.

‘Republican state Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi was one of the leading supporters of election-rigging the and late this week, he — along with a dozen other co-sponsors — introduced a new plan to rig the Electoral College votes in his blue state of Pennsylvania’.

‘Under this legislation, a large chunk of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes would be awarded to the Republican candidate even though Pennsylvania is a solid blue state that has supported the Democratic candidate for president in every election since 1992’.

‘Of course, while the Republican election-rigging plan calls for blue states to give away electoral votes to Republicans, red states like Texas or South Carolina will continue to award 100 percent of their electors to the Republican’.
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Raising Kane – The Daily Dose – 2-24-2013



daily rick perry

From The ‘I’ve Been Right On Every Thing’ Department – ‘Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Will Never Go Blue’
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daily house guns
‘Senators near a deal on background checks for most private gun sales’
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And once it goes to the House —– nothing will happen.
Unless Boehner ignors the fringe freaks of the tea baggers and together with enough moderate Republicans and some Democrats they COULD pass it.

daily pearl harbor
‘Hawaii Governor Evokes Pearl Harbor Attack To Warn Off Sequestration’
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“The plain fact is, that will undermine our capacity for readiness at Pearl Harbor,” Abercrombie says’.
Might be just a bit of an over reach there.

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