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Under the Mountain Bunker

Matthew Cooper believes that if there’s one silver lining to be found in the “buffoonery” of the sequester, it’s that at least it will be a teachable moment for the public:

But if agencies and departments can’t or won’t juggle their books, hey, let people see what government really means. …There’s something sobering about aircraft carriers that won’t sail and forest rangers who won’t be paid to protect. The last time I can think of such an educational moment was not the short-lived government shutdown on the ’90s, but the Oklahoma City bombing. Who died in the blast? IRS officials, Secret Service agents, General Services Administration workers. President Clinton offered a reflection on the victims, “many there who served the rest of us, who worked to help the elderly and the disabled, who worked to support our farmers and our veterans, who worked to enforce our laws and to protect us. Let us…

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Raising Kane – The Daily Dose

raising kane

daily montana governor

Tip of the day –
‘Schweitzer stronger than Baucus’
@ :
Think Christie is good? This democrat could (and I think will) beat Chris Christie if they ever match up.
He is that good.
Former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer.

ashley judd

‘Ashley Judd meets with DSCC’
@ :
Considering she’s a current resident of Tennessee not
Kentucky, I’m not holding my breath on this. Add to that she
is way too Liberal for the Moderatre/Conservative
Kentuckians. But the most unpopular US Senator
(@ :
Mitch McConnell does have a possible tea party primary

daily ted cruz

‘Ted Cruz a Lifeline for the Conservative Party’?
@ :
For me this is another ‘Please, Please Republicans – nominate
this guy for President’! If you want to lose again.
See : ‘LOL Of The Week: Ted Cruz Hijacks The Senate @ :
He is a Harvad educated Sarah Palin – a ture ‘leader’ in the
ever further leaning right Republican Party.
But that one clip alone, falling for a fake group and all but
calling a Vietnam Veteran a traitor, will turn off middle

daily rick scott

‘Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposes expansion of Medicaid to
add 1 million uninsured’
@ :
Considering his approval ratings are at the bottom
arns-his-worst-approval-rating-ever.php), a very smart
political move even if he doesn’t believe or care.


‘The GOP’s astonishingly bad message on sequester cuts’
@ :
To the right leaning (OK bent completely right over)
Washington Examiner, the ‘bad message’ is the cuts will hurt
National Defense.
To everyone else, the ‘bad message’ is ‘Boehner: I got 98
percent of what I wanted’ @ :
98-percent-of-what-i-wanted/ and Speaker Boehner voted for

dialy mitt romney

‘Romney to Speak at CPAC’
@ :
My questions are why? and who cares?


When the truth won’t support your argument, just make things up. This has become the Grand Old Party’s main talking point on almost every subject.
What’s really interesting is no outside ‘force’ is doing anything.
This is all self inflicted.

The Fifth Column

No words…

Daily Kos

Posted 2-20-2003

As we found out earlier today, the GOP belief that Chuck Hagel had been on the payroll of an organization called “Friends of Hamas” crashed and burned when it turned out to be a bad joke that conservative morons took seriously.

Like their unshakable belief in “skewed polls”, Republicans consistently cling to any craziness that validates their world view. And like their unskewed election results shocker, they don’t appear ready to learn from their mistakes. They would much rather whine instead.

Opponents of Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel are fuming in the aftermath of sloppy work by their allies that has backfired and risks turning their cause into a joke.The bumble: A thinly sourced claim that Hagel had taken money from a heretofore unheard of group called “Friends of Hamas,” floated by the conservative website, and sourced to Capitol Hill.


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